Easy Small Pets for Kids to Take Care Of


Easy Small Pets for Kids to Take Care Of – You don’t have time for a dog, space, or time, do you? Perhaps your shelter ran out of canine companions when adoptions exploded at the start of COVID-19. Don’t be scared. There are still lots of nice palm-size options that are little and easy to care for for your girls.

Easy Small Pets for Kids to Take Care Of


Although hamsters are entertaining and energetic pets, they are nocturnal, making them a disappointing companion for small children. Hamsters are low-maintenance animals that can amuse themselves with a wheel, tubes, and toys. Only be cautious of their proclivity for biting.

They’ll need a solid cage to call home, one that’s been nicely padded with wood shavings. Aside from that, they’re simple to handle and might be a great way to teach kids about addiction and responsibility.

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Gerbils are quick to care for but not quite as hands-on as humans, which is important when children are involved. They can be kept, but because they’re so fast, adult care is required.


Rats can make excellent pets, which is surprising. They’re smart and genuinely appreciate human company, despite their laid-back demeanor. Their intelligence allows them to learn tricks like recovering things and traversing mazes. Unlike most other rodents, they don’t mind being handled, which is ideal for children who wish to participate.

Rats are also simple to care for, requiring only daily cleaning and a standard rodent diet of meal blocks.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs and hamsters belong to the same rodent family, but they couldn’t be more different. These rodents are amiable and have an articulate personality, so they are less prone to bite.

Because hamsters have a larger appetite than guinea pigs, you may have to clean their cage more frequently than you think. Relaxation is vital for these cuddly companions, and your piglet would be happy to live with a friend to avoid loneliness.


Have you ever seen a baby hedgehog? They have to be one of the prettiest things on the planet. Even if they aren’t the most cuddly of friends, if they are handled well from the start, they can grow up to be friendly. One disadvantage is that, while caring for these spiky critters is quite simple, they are prone to health problems (and vet bills).

Because hedgehogs are omnivores, they require a special diet that includes veggies and protein-specific meals. However, some cat foods can suffice. If you’re thinking about getting a hedgehog as a pet, check your local state laws first. Some states, such as New York City and California, make it unlawful to acquire one.

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Chinchillas are an exotic alternative for children who like to watch their pet rather than interact with it directly. Chinchillas don’t require much attention, but they do require a large cage with plenty of toys to keep them stimulated.

These happy-go-lucky creatures are highly intelligent creatures. Unlike their small-pet counterparts, Chinchillas prefer to be given a dust bath rather than a water bath. So they’ll be able to sweep up after their vigorous bathing sessions. (Probably not suitable for children with allergies.)

Chinchillas, like hamsters, are nocturnal creatures, therefore they may not be the best friend for small children who go to bed early. Chinchillas have a substantially longer lifespan than other rodents, ranging from 12 to 15 years. They’ll also require a companion, implying that you’re providing a significant contribution to these desert dwellers.


Although reptiles like lizards, snakes, and frogs are relatively low-maintenance, creating the perfect habitat for them may be a difficult – and expensive – task. To survive, reptiles require a certain environment, which can be achieved with the use of a heat lamp.

Such cold-blooded species require a lot of greenery, ideally in a setting that is similar to their native habitat. They also enjoy hiding places. If you don’t want to feed your reptile live animals or bugs, a reptile may not be the perfect pet for you. Live prey is consumed by reptiles.

If you’re new to the world of reptiles, you may want to consider the leopard gecko, as they don’t need much care. Docile, it’s easy to tame these little lizards.


Insects, while not the most social of pets, are really easy to care for, depending on which one you choose. Stick insects, praying mantis, hissing cockroaches, and crickets will be happy with just a warm tank, some foliage, and daily food.

When you introduce these invertebrates to your kids, they can grow up to adore any species, whether it’s a devoted dog or a stick insect. They will grow up without fear of many insects and spiders when they reach adulthood.

While some small animals require less attention than larger animals, it still takes effort to prepare your home for them. Visit this blog for additional information on which pets are appropriate for young children. If you have a partner who your child enjoys and is easy to care for, send in pictures! We’d want to see how complete your family is with your pet.


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