EFCC Ranks and Salary 2021 – EFCC Salary Structure

EFCC Ranks and Salary Structure 2021 – The EFCC has various classifications and salary grades for employees. if you want to know the current rankings and compensation structure of the Nigeria governmental organisation of the EFCC, read this article.

The Economic and Financial Commission of West Africa, or EcowasA is a law enforcement body that watches over, manages, and tries to catch financial criminals in Nigeria. Staff members are employed by the commission in various departmental areas in order to work toward the body’s goal

This has been found out by checking up on salary information from reliable sources.

Let us first find out what the EFCC’s objectives are.

An Overview of the EFCC

As a law enforcement agency, the Economic and Financial Frauds and Customs Agency tracks down those who commit monetary violations and catches tax evaders and other financial frauds

In an effort to contain the money extortion problems in Nigeria, the Federal Government established the EFCC in 2003. The EFCC’s main office is located in Abuja, and it has many regional branches around the country. The committee has a chairman.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Ranks

The EFCC ranks for its staff are different from other regulatory bodies, but the three major ranks are:

  • Detective Superintendent
  • Detective Inspectorate and
  • Detective Assistant Cadres of the Cadets.


There are also divisions in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission where their staffs are ranked. These divisions are six and they include:

  • The Administrative Division
  • Capacity Development Division
  • The Research and Publication Division
  • The Networking and Collaboration Division
  • Certificate Courses Division
  • Cadets Division

The staff and workers of the commission are ranked into these division.

EFCC Ranks and Salary Structure 2021

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission should pay reasonable salaries to their employees with regard to their status in the commission. The compensation is decent compared to other similar positions in the security agency. Let’s see how much the EFCC pays its employees.

Entry level staff receives a rate of ₦158,000 while graduate assistants receive a monthly salary of ₦201,075 as their normal rate. a commissary detective receives ₦245,000 in monthly pay
There are also office employees who hold the positions of Graduate Assistant and Deputy Superintendent in the agency.

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EFCC Salary Structure for Entry Level Staff

A newly hired Graduate Assistant at the Economic and Financial Investigations Commission receives a salary of ₦158,000. This money will start from the date of your first year of employment and could be paid to you in additional amounts every two years thereafter.

Mid-Level Salary for Graduate Assistant

A commission graduate employee after spending two years in his or less in the post first job is assigned a new, mid-level salary as 3 to 9 years in the organization.

Since the starting pay for this staff is more numerous, but for the time being, we are not certain, we have made an estimate of the present wages (EFCC). But we will continue our search for further information on the salary structure.

Senior Level Salary for Graduate Assistant

The mid-level graduate assistant is above the senior graduate assistant. With 10 years of agency service, the assistant-level employees may be commissioned into the senior position of the commission.

Formal: The current pay for these Graduate Assistant jobs is not available. Concluding from that, we will continue to search for more information about them and make alterations to their salary structures.

Agent Detective Superintendent Salary Structure

Another EFCC staff position is the Assistant Commissioner of Detectives. The monthly salary for a Deputy Detective is two hundred and forty five thousand n In fact, their salaries are higher since they have ten years of experience with the Commission.

Entry Level Salary for Deputy Detective

It is possible to become an Agent for the next range of 2 years on the job, but if you are already an officer in the police force, you can rise to the ranks of Detective.

This system’s pay scales for security personnel is higher than the previous, due to the differing lengths of service. Despite this, however, the exact salary structure for an Assistant Inspector in the EFCC has not yet been disclosed. We will keep on working to find more information about this.

Mid-Level Salary for Deputy Detective

An EFCC official in the middle ranges in the region of ₦245,000 a month. These employees are former patrol officers who rose through the ranks to the detective level and have at least 3 to 9 years of previous experience.

EFCC Senior-Level Salary Structures for Deputy Detective

Unfortunately, due to the lack of information, we could not examine the wage scales for Senior Detectives. Nevertheless, we will look for additional details with respect to their salary structure.


The Economic and Financial Crimes Division has staff in different positions. we used in this article are the employee ranks and salaries at the EFCC Their attractive compensation of their employees is one of the reasons they’re chosen.

Regardless, certain aspects of their confidential staff require some secrecy at this time. But we will constantly be seeking this information and the latest updates are to be found here.

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