Etisalat Transfer Code 2021- How to Transfer Airtime on 9mobile to 9mobile


Etisalat Transfer Code 2021 – How to Transfer Airtime on 9mobile to 9mobile.

One of the simplest transactions you may do is from Etisalat to Etisalat (9mobile). Unlike other telecom carriers’ transfer procedures, such as mtn, glo, or airtel, transferring airtime from Etisalat to Etisalat is simple and uncomplicated; read on to see what I mean.

Despite being Nigeria’s fourth largest telecom operator, Etisalat has over 25 million subscribers and is still growing. I’m not shocked because Etisalat (now 9mobile) has been bombarding its users with back-to-back promotions and deals that make you want to stay on the network.

I’m not even going to mention their low phone rates or data bundles that include not only 3G but also ultrafast 4G internet! and a slew of other fantastic deals, but that’s not why we’re here today. Let’s have a look at how to transfer airtime from one Etisalat account to another.

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How To Share Airtime on Etisalat

As I previously stated, sharing airtime from Etisalat to Etisalat is simple and uncomplicated; there is no pressing and sending required, but you must have a transfer pin, much like other networks. A transfer pin is a short pin or code that, like your phone’s security unlock pin, grants you access to make transfers. Without this transfer pin, you won’t be able to transfer your airtime to anyone.

However, till recently, Etisalat has assigned you a transfer pin of 0000 by default. If it’s your first time transferring, that’s the pin that’ll be immediately allocated to you.

You may be wondering how I know this; it’s because the identical pin is issued to everyone who has yet to transfer airtime from one Etisalat to another; think how many other individuals are aware of this.

To prevent others from performing transfers using your phone without your knowledge, you must update that pin to your own personal pin. Changing your transfer pin secures and protects your airtime because only you know your new transfer pin.

How to change transfer pin on Etisalat

*247*Default Pin*New Pin# is the ussd code for changing your Etisalat transfer pin or code. Default pin: This is the pin that was already issued to you for performing transfers, which is 0000.

New pin: This is the personal pin you’d like to switch to and use as your transfer pin. Simply choose four digits of random numbers that you can recall, such as 5768.

Now dial *247*0000*5768# on your phone, then send. You will receive an immediate notification confirming your pin change.

That will be your new pin for transferring airtime between Etisalat and Etisalat from then on.
Now that you know how to update your Etisalat transfer pin, let’s look at how to utilize it to transfer airtime from your Etisalat to your family and friends.


How to transfer airtime from etisalat to etisalat

To transfer airtime from one Etisalat to another, you’ll need your new transfer pin, the phone number of the person you’re sending the airtime to, and, of course, airtime (I mean genuine airtime, not bonus airtime; you can check if you have airtime by dialing *232#).

Now that you have everything, you can use this ussd code to transfer airtime; *223*New Pin*Amount of Airtime*Phone Number of Recipient#

For instance, if the Etisalat number to which you want to transfer airtime is 08019876543, and your new pin is 5768, and the amount of airtime you want to transfer is N200.

Then dial *223*5768 *200*08019876543# and press send. You’ll get a notice asking you to confirm or cancel the transfer after you send it.

If the recipient’s phone number, airtime, and transfer pin are right and in order, press 1 to confirm; if there is an error or they are not in order, press 2 to cancel, then rectify everything and try again.

If you pressed 1 to confirm the transfer, you will receive an immediate notification confirming the transfer, and the airtime will be withdrawn from your account and forwarded to the recipient’s account.

Note that any transfer done cannot be reversed, so double-check everything before confirming. You can’t transfer kobo-containing airtime, thus you can’t transfer N200.80, but you can transfer N200, right?


That’s how to transfer airtime from Etisalat to Etisalat; you can always transfer to your loved ones and friends using the above simple techniques. It’s always beneficial to share information, not just airtime. Share this on Facebook with your relatives and friends, and keep using Etisalat!

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