Facebook image size post and cover 2021


Facebook image size post and cover 2021.

A good ad headline and photographs or a video that grabs viewers from the first three seconds are required for a great Facebook post. The first step in drafting or writing a brief is to select a non-breaking Facebook image post size. So, in this article, we’ll show you which Facebook photo sizes are the most common and gorgeous right now!

Facebook image size post

You can explain your narrative or product in a more artistic way by using a collection of photos of various sizes. When creating a post with two or more photos, you should select a layout that corresponds to the quantity of content you want to highlight in the article. Take a look at the image size postings on Facebook.

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Post 1 image

Do not think that 1 image is simple without choosing the size before posting.

The usual article we will use these sizes is nice:

  • 900×900 pixel (Ratio 1:1)
  • 1200×900 pixel (Ratio 1:0.75)

The Facebook picture post size for the link should be 1200 518 pixels for the post that shares the link (Ratio 1:0.432).

We suggests a vertical size of 10801920 pixels for story postings that take up the entire screen area (Ratio 9:16).

If you’re promoting an event, make sure to use a photo that’s 1200 628 (Ratio: 1:0.523) as a standard.

Post 2 images

You demonstrate the synergy between the message you wish to convey and the layout of the article image when you publish two or more photos. The two-picture style is ideal for comparing content; here are some examples of Facebook image size posts:

  • 2 images 900×900 pixels (Ratio 1:1): this style is funny, Lucid Gen sees very few pages using this style.
  • 2 images 448×900 pixels (Ratio 1:20009): 2 vertical images combined into a square. This style is often used to post Before and After shows , the spa industry, cosmetics, and beauty in general often use this style.
  • 2 images 900×452 pixels (Ratio 1:0.52): 2 horizontal images combined into a square. This style can also show Before and After but will be suitable for horizontal layout shooting industries such as construction, construction, design and interior decoration.

Post 3 images

When sharing three photos, start with the largest image and choose the most significant message; the following two images will add captions or supplementary messages. 3 photos for the Facebook image size post layout:

  • 3 images 900×900 pixels (Ratio 1:1): This style is more funny, more difficult to see than the 2 square ones, but maybe it will create a uniqueness for your article.
  • 1 vertical image 448×900 pixels (Ratio 1:2.009) and 2 square images 900×900 (Ratio 1:1): This style is quite nice, has both the main image and the secondary image, and the square images are not too small. .
  • 1 landscape image 900×452 pixels (Ratio 1:0.502) and 2 square images 900×900 (Ratio 1:1): For ads with 3 very sensible messages. This style is also suitable to show a set of 2 products that are 2 squares and have 1 picture that is a photo of 2 products.

Post 4 images

When it comes to Facebook posts with several photographs, the 4-photo style is the most common today, as it allows you to display more messages. The four-photo arrangement also creates the impression that you have a lot of intriguing stuff to show them, such as a gallery. We have four photographs in the Facebook image size post format:

  • 4 squares of 900×900 pixels (Ratio 1:1): This type is very reasonable to show many products of the same level.
  • 1 vertical image 598×900 pixels (Ratio 1:1.505): This style is often used by the fashion industry, men’s and women’s clothing (the first photo is the suit, the following photos are each item). A photo gallery is also very suitable for this style, the first photo is really chill.
  • 1 vertical image 900×603 pixels (Ratio 1:0.67): Promotions often use this layout because the horizontal banner above is easy to design for large messages.

Facebook image size post and cover 2021.

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