Finding LEGO at Thrift Stores and Resale Shops


Finding LEGO at Thrift Stores and Resale Shops – The majority of the tips for purchasing on Facebook Marketplace are identical to those for purchasing on Craigslist.

However, there are a few additional considerations.

Facebook buy sell groups. It’s simple to locate general buy sell groups in your city. Simply enter your location and the words “buy sell” in the Facebook search bar. These groups are teeming with individuals who advertise a variety of items for sale. To find what you’re searching for, conduct a search inside the groups. Once again, you must be fast.

Look for LEGO Facebook groups. Additionally, some local areas have LEGO buy sell trade groups. We have one close by, but it is not particularly involved. The majority of the better classes include the whole United States. If you’re in another country, your choices might be limited, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find a good community if you ask around! Numerous individuals selling on these groups will ship. Payment is frequently made via Paypal or Stripe.

Use Due Diligence. Ascertain that the individual with whom you are conducting a transaction is legitimate. Enter his seller name into the search box of a group you’re a member of, as well as a couple of other related groups, to see if any complaints surface.

Block and Move on. If you receive messages from another member of the community that are not connected to purchasing LEGO or that make you feel uneasy, block and exit. I’ve actually had to deal with a couple of awkward situations via Facebook buy/sell groups, and I’ve had to block some people.

Finding LEGO at Thrift Stores and Resale Shops

LEGO is occasionally available at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Bethesda, and other stores and shops.

There are numerous establishments of this kind in the majority of cities in the United States.

Others are better than others at locating LEGO, and others are better at pricing it when it is located.

Go early. If you visit a supermarket, find out when new stock is put out (most will have new stock in the mornings) and arrive when the store opens for the best range. Each and every morning when one of our famous thrift stores is open, there is a line. Bear in mind that you are competing with resellers as well as individuals like you who are looking for unique products. Rest assured that others are searching for the very same thing you are!

Ask for it. For smaller shops, if you develop a relationship with the vendor, you can request that he or she contact you when LEGO arrives. Some will, and others will not, but it never hurts to inquire. Bonus: Some will actually carry products for you and will continue to give you first choice as long as you purchase the majority of what they hold.

Bargain. Again, for smaller stores, you can negotiate a discount for bulk purchases. Be fair, as these small businesses operate on a shoestring budget. Find a price that both parties agree to, and you’re likely to do more business together.

Look everywhere. This is my most important tip for purchasing used LEGO at resale shops. Examine any type of container. Do not conduct a cursory search for LEGO boxes or bins. Conduct a visual inspection of cardboard boxes, Rubbermaid bins, and other containers. Give them a shake and see if they sound like LEGO.

Go online. Several of the stores conduct online auctions on eBay and other marketplaces. You may inquire whether the store is a participant in anything similar.

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