Glo Data Plan For Android, iOS, Windows, Modem


Glo Data Plan For Android – Glo, Nigeria’s very own telecommunications company, has recently been on a freebie binge, offering unbeatable deals to internet users. Glo, on the other hand, issued new terms and conditions to customers who wanted to continue taking advantage of her incredible deals in April 2017. Despite this, Glo’s data plan is still the most affordable in the country, beating out big players like MTN, Etisalat, and Airtel’s “smartphone network.”

This article details the current Glo data plans, including subscription codes and prices, for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry devices. You’ll also find instructions on how to share your data with others and borrow data from Glo.

Glo Data Plan For Android, iOS, Windows, Modem

Whatever attractive a deal from a network service provider appears to be, it is made in the hopes of increasing business profitability. Glo was able to attract a large number of subscribers with a new data plan, only to halve the data volume months later and issue a new clause.

Prior to the April 2017 implementation of the new clause, all Glo customers could get 1.6 GB of data for as little as ₦500. The cheapest plan was a daily 30 MB plan for ₦50, and the most expensive was a monthly 45 GB plan for ₦18,000. However, if the user meets the following REQUIREMENTS, these are still possible:

  • The previous data volume, now referred to as “double data volume,” would be available to all new Glo customers.
  • Existing/OLD customers who renew their subscription will receive double data volume.
  • Customers who fail to renew their subscription within three days of their data plan’s expiration will lose the double data volume, but will receive half the data volume for the same price.


DATA BOOST: If you run out of data before your expiration date or simply want to boost your current data plan, dial *777# and select “Buy Extra Data.” There are two options: 300 MB for ₦200 or 1 GB for ₦1,000. The latter is only available to customers who have a 1 GB plan or higher.

Both 3G and 4G LTE devices are covered by the data plan table above. Customers with 4G LTE phones used to have their own separate data plan bundles, but Glo recently merged the two into one.

Glo Flexi Plans

The Flexi plan, as the name implies is suitable for customers who require a specific flexibility.

GLO Campus Data Booster

The Glo Campus Data Booster is a student favorite because it provides excellent value for money. Customers get 10 times the value of their data subscription whenever they are on campus at NO EXTRA COST with this service.

Non-students can take advantage of the deal as well; all they have to do is be on campus. Customers will also receive free “on-net” talk time with other Glo customers, as well as free data to share with friends.

All campuses across the country, including Customs, Immigration, and Police training institutes, offer the service.

POINTS TO NOTE – Campus Data Booster

A standard data plan will not double on campus; instead, a campus data booster plan is required.

The data on campus cannot be “shared,” but it can be “gifted.”

There is no way to carry over unused campus data booster to the next subscription.

The campus booster plan will function normally outside of the Campus booster zone.

Glo Data Plan For Blackberry 10

Glo’s service for Blackberry phones running BB OS 7 and lower was discontinued on December 17, 2016. They did, however, stick to Blackberry 10 and higher devices.

Customers with data on their BB OS 7 devices were advised to upgrade to a BB 10 or higher device in order to keep their data. All Glo data bundles for BlackBerry OS 7 are no longer available, including the BB Complete, Absolute, and BIS plans.

Glo created a unified data plan for BB 10 devices, similar to what they did for Android, iOS, and Windows. This means that the same data plan can be used for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE.

There are some EXCEPTIONS to the BB 10 plan, such as the fact that it is not giftable or shareable.

The BB 10 plans are also subject to the 3-Day Grace Period mentioned above. Customers who purchase or renew their BB 10 data plan within three days of its expiration or exhaustion will receive double data volume (100%); otherwise, their next data value will be divided in half.

How Do I Check My Glo Data Balance?

Dial *127*0# or SMS “INFO” to 127 to check your Glo data balance across all devices. You’ll get an alert telling you how much data you have left and when your auto-renewal is due.

Glo 4G LTE

Glo’s latest flagship offering to its customers is 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution). After 3G, it is the world’s most advanced wireless data technology. Users of 4G LTE can download 1 GB of data in minutes and a 3 MB audio file in seconds, thanks to the superfast internet speed.

Follow the steps below to become a user of this cutting-edge technology:

  • Buy a new Glo LTE sim card from any Gloworld nearest to you. OR if you are already a Glo customer, you can swap your current sim.
  • Buy a 4G enabled smartphone. Smartphones currently supporting the network include the iPhone SE and higher iPhones, BlackBerry DTEK 50, BlackBerry Priv STV100-4, HTC One M9+, Microsoft Lumia 950, Samsung Galaxy S7 (also Duos and Edge), Alcatel One Touch Pop 4 LTE and more.
  • To check if your current device supports the Glo 4G LTE, SMS 4G to 400.
  • Be Sure that your current location has the LTE coverage.
  • Glo 4G LTE is currently available in Lagos, Ogun, Rivers State, Delta, Edo, Eket, Kaduna, Adamawa (ABTI University) and more. Glo is working on making the coverage nationwide.

How To Borrow Data From Glo For Android

Out of data, broke, and desperate to get online? When a customer’s data bundle is depleted, the Glo Borrow Me Data Service allows them to request (borrow) data.

On your next recharge, you’ll be charged a 15% transaction fee. If you purchased 500MB of data, for example, you will be charged ₦575 on your next recharge. After you activate the Borrow Me Data service, the deduction is made 3 days/72 hours later.

Customers must have been a Glo subscriber for at least 5 months to be eligible to use the service.

Customers can use airtime received through the ME2U service to pay for the service.

How To Share Your Glo Data With Friends & Family

Glo Share Data service allows customers to share a single data plan with family and friends.


  • First Add/Register Friends To Your Share Account By dialling *127*01*[friend’s number]# OR, SMS “Share [friend’s number]” to 127.
  • Those you Share Data With Will Be Notified via SMS and automatically be connected to the internet.
  • To Remove a number from your share list, Dial *127*02*[friend’s number]# OR SMS Remove [friend’s number]” to 127.
  • To view a list of those you are sharing your data with, dial *127*00# or Send “List” to 127.

How To Gift Data To Friends & Family

The Glo “Gift” service allows you to buy a data bundle and gift them to loved ones. Customers who do not want to “share” their data often opt for this service.


Dial *127*[USSD_Plan_Number]*[friend’s number]#. For example, if you want to gift friend the daily 15 MB data which goes for ₦50, dial 127*12714*0805XXXXXXX# OR

SMS Gift “Friends Number” to 127.

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