How to check Airtel number on my phone in Nigeria with a USSD code


How to check Airtel number on my phone in Nigeria with a USSD code.

If you have many Airtel lines, remembering your Airtel number can be difficult. If this is the case, it may be difficult to utilize or share your phone numbers in specific situations. However, all is not lost since you will discover how to check Airtel’s number on your phone using a USSD code and other methods by reading this post.

You don’t have to worry about packing your phone with your phone number because you can get it just by dialing a USSD code. The instructions are easy to follow, and you’ll have your phone numbers in no time.

How can I find out what my phone number is? If you are an Airtel customer and have forgotten your phone number, you can use one of the techniques below to retrieve it.

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Method 1: How to check Airtel number using a USSD code

Here’s how you find out your Airtel number using the USSD code:

  • Make sure the SIM card with the digits you don’t know is in your phone.
  • When you dial the USSD code *121#, a menu appears on your phone’s screen.
  • Select “Manage My Account” from the drop-down menu.
  • To reveal your cellphone number, select “My Number” from the menu.

Method 2: How to check your Airtel number with a USSD code

Aside from the initial code, there’s another way to check your Airtel number, and here’s how to use it:

  • Enter the USSD code *282# on the dial pad and press the call button.
  • Your phone’s screen will display a message with the details of your digits.

How to know my Airtel number without using a USSD code

While short codes may provide a quick and simple way to find your phone number, there are additional options available to assist you. When you can’t recall the passcode, these alternate methods come in useful.

Use the MyAirtel App to check Airtel number

Having the MyAirtel App on your phone not only allows you to find out your phone number, but it also offers you access to important Airtel services. As a result, if you are an Airtel customer, you will most likely profit from the app in a variety of ways.

Only after you’ve loaded the MyAirtel App and registered using your phone digits can you get your digits through the app.

On your phone, open the MyAirtel app.
Click “Manage My Account” on the home page.
Then, on the pop-up menu, choose “View and add account.”

On the screen, your name and phone number will be displayed.

How to check my Airtel number details from customer service

You can also find out your digits by dialing 121 or 111, which would connect you to Airtel’s customer service department. Choose an option to retrieve your phone number, airtime balance, data balance, and balance validity.

You can also select to connect with a customer service professional and request your mobile phone number from them.

How can I know my Airtel number by SMS?

If remembering the various USSD codes is too difficult, you may find out your mobile number by following these simple steps.

Get the phone numbers of a buddy who lives nearby.
Call or SMS your friend’s phone numbers with the SIM whose digits you want to know.
You might see your phone number in their call log or texts on their phone.

Write down or store the digits in your phonebook so you don’t forget them again.

Get the details on the original SIM card holder

When you have the original SIM cardholder, you won’t have to worry about remembering your phone number. The SIM card holder holds your phone number and other important SIM card information.


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How to check Airtel number on my phone in Nigeria with a USSD code.


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