How To Filter Out Your Facebook Friends on Tinder


How To Filter Out Your Facebook Friends on Tinder – The numerous apps we use these days are all so intertwined that it might be tough to figure out which social networking network you’re on at any one time.

You can easily do something dumb or make a joke on one network, only to discover that people on other platforms already know about it and are mocking you! (Of course, that’s the worst-case situation, but still.)

Even an expert on the subject can become disoriented trying to wrap his head around the various algorithms these apps use to connect you to other people and to each other (meaning the apps) if you take into account the various algorithms these apps use to connect you to other people and to each other (meaning the apps).

We’ll discuss about Tinder and how it’s linked to Facebook in this article. More specifically, we’ll offer a couple of tips for removing your Facebook buddies off your Tinder feed! (This is useful if you don’t want your Facebook friends to know you’re on Tinder or if you simply want to keep the two platforms separate for some reason.)

Here’s the deal, without further ado.

Tinder and Facebook in Cahoots – How it All Works

Let’s start by setting the scene for what’s going to happen! (An explanation on how to keep Tinder as distant from Facebook as feasible.)

Your Facebook page is one of Tinder’s most important sources of ideas and potential matches for your good-looking self. In fact, you must link your Tinder account to your Facebook page in order to create one.

As a result, Tinder organizes the profiles of people who will pop up when you begin searching for a match using the information Facebook collects about your friend circle, their location, and the even bigger pool of mutual people known as ‘suggestions.’

Given the nature of this strange online symbiosis, some of your Facebook pals may become aware of your Tinder activities (not literally, but they can figure out you’re on the app. ), and you’re also quite likely to meet them on Tinder!

While this isn’t necessarily a frightening notion, if you don’t want your Facebook friends to know you’re on Tinder for whatever reason, there are a few ways to get around the seemingly inseparable connection between Facebook and Tinder and be free of its chains forever! (At least to some extent.) It’s difficult to avoid Facebook these days.)

How to Prevent Your Facebook Friends from Appearing in Your Tinder Feed?

Before we get started, we’d want to remind you that the solutions we’ll suggest are unlikely to work 100 percent of the time, so the safest course of action is to create a separate Facebook account that you’ll use solely for Tinder. (However, you shouldn’t add any pals to it; otherwise, what’s the point?)

If you don’t want to bother, here are several alternatives that may help you boost your Tinder anonymity.

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How To Filter Out Your Facebook Friends on Tinder – Ramp up Facebook Privacy Settings

This may seem obvious, but one of the simplest methods to prevent Tinder users from finding you on Facebook is to make your Facebook settings more robust.

Make sure that outsiders do not have access to your phone number or account information, and that you know how much information your friends have access to. If you think your friends are being overly intrusive, you might wish to turn off the opportunity for them to post on your wall.

Prevent Facebook from Showcasing You’re a ‘Tinderer’

After you’ve done the first measures to strengthen your Facebook presence, you can take it a step further and prevent anyone on your friends list from ever knowing you’re on Tinder!

To do so, go to ‘Privacy Shortcuts,’ then ‘See More Settings,’ then ‘Apps,’ and look for the one labeled ‘Tinder.’ After that, you may change the app’s visibility to “Only Me,” which means no one else will be able to view it on your list of apps! It’s quite basic, but it gets the job done!

Bottom line, if you don’t want people seeing you on Tinder and subsequently bombarding your Facebook wall, other than unfriending them, you can obtain the level of privacy you like by changing your Facebook settings. As a result, you can go off and have a good time on Tinder without worrying about your Facebook pals finding out what you’re up to!

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