How to mark emails in Gmail as read or unread 

How to mark emails in Gmail

How to mark emails in Gmail as read or unread.

Gmail App Mark As Unread

Do you want to know how to designate an email as read or unread in Gmail? It’s pretty simple, but it’s also quite simple to forget how to classify messages as unread or read, so don’t feel guilty if you haven’t figured it out yet.

It turns out that designating emails as read or unread in Gmail works the same way it does on the Gmail iOS app for iPhone and iPad, as well as other platforms.

Continue reading to learn how to mark email messages as unread or read in Gmail.

How to mark emails in Gmail as read or unread 

  • If you haven’t already, go to Gmail and sign in.
  • Open the email you wish to label as “Unread” or “Read” in Gmail.
  • Tap the mail envelope symbol to designate an email as read or unread.
  • Mark as Read if you tap the open letter envelope button.
  • Tap the closed mail envelope icon to mark it as unread.
  • With other emails, mark them as unread/read as desired.

How to Set up Swiping as Unread to Mark

To use the swiping operation in Gmail to describe read or unread markings:

  • Gmail’s hamburger menu may be accessed by clicking the hamburger menu symbol (Gmail app hamburger menu icon).
  • Select Settings from the menu that appears.
  • Swipe Mail Behavior is now available.
  • Swipe right or left on the screen.
  • Please select Mark as a reading or unread item.
  • Click again to return to the Settings tab.
  • Now press the X button.
  • Because the Gmail app does not allow you to mark all emails as read, you must select messages one by one by pressing them.

However, in a browser (such as Safari or Chrome), you can mark in bulk using Gmail.

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For example, to find all unread emails and to mark them as read:

Open Gmail on your phone’s browser (full version).
unread through Mail search is the form.
Tip: You can also use alternative search keywords, such as opening a specific label or in: anyplace for all mail, to find all emails from a single sender.
To use auto-complete, simply tap the entry.
Select now (Click the Select checkbox).
Pick Choose all of the talks that are relevant to this quest.
Now press the Mark as read button (Click the Mark as a reading envelope).
To designate something as unread, use the Mark as Unread button (Gmail mark as an unread button).

How Gmail can be labeled as read or unread 

As previously stated, marking emails as read or unread is the same in the web browser-based email client, as well as the Gmail for iPhone and iPad app (maybe it’s the same in Gmail for Android, but I haven’t checked). This means that the reading/unread labeling approach is the same on almost any platform you can use Gmail on, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, or something else.

The only exception is if you’re using Gmail’s web app’s hover buttons or the basic HTML-based Gmail interface with limited bandwidth and clearly labeled ‘Mark as Read’ and ‘Mark as Unread’ buttons.

Anyway, you know how to mark email messages as read or unread in Gmail, so use it! This is especially useful if you use Gmail’s Display unread emails technique because you may designate messages that will or will not appear in the sorted inbox.

Regardless of the platform Gmail users are using, the Gmail Web Client and Gmail App for iOS give a decent alternate email client. If you’re a Gmail user, you might benefit from using both or one, based on your specific needs and use situations. Of course, many people connect their Gmail accounts directly to their email clients, which is OK; in that case, identifying messages as read/unread would be particular to that email program rather than to Gmail.

If you know of any additional techniques or tactics for marking messages as reading/unread or any other valuable Gmail tips, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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