How to Post GIFs on Facebook 


How to Post GIFs on Facebook

GIFs can be found on Facebook in a variety of areas, including posts, comments, events, and group messages. GIFs can be used for anything in a text message, from a congratulatory message to a caustic remark.

You can take a picture or record a video with your phone, but you can’t make a GIF without additional software, and while pictures and videos are easy to discover with a quick Google search, finding the appropriate GIF can be challenging. I’ll go through how to locate and make GIFs, as well as how to share them on Facebook.

Where can I share GIFs on Facebook?
Finding GIFs on Facebook
How to share any GIF that you’ve found or saved

Get Started Now: You can find GIFs in Facebook’s GIF library, look them up in GIPHY.

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Where can I post GIFs on Facebook?

GIFs are just as easy to share on Facebook as photos, and they can be found in many of the same places. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on:

• GIF-only posts
• Posts with text
• Posts with multiple GIFs
• Profile GIFs (recorded in the Facebook app)
• Personal messages
• GIF-only comments

Finding GIFs in Facebook

The simplest approach to include a GIF in a post, comment, or message is to use Facebook’s built-in GIF libraries. If you want to express a general message or stick to a common subject, you can use an existing GIF file. There are over 1500 GIFs to look over on Facebook.

When you pick the three-dot menu button beneath the text field while creating a post, the GIF option will show below. You can use relevant terms to search for the GIF you want to use when you click the GIF button – for example, if you wanted to discover the Drake Clapping GIF, just search “Drake Clapping” and scroll through the top results.

Including a GIF in a remark or message is even easier. When writing a comment, the GIF button is on the right side of the text box, and it’s always exactly beneath where you input messages in Messenger.

How to Post any GIF you found or saved

You might need a specific GIF file that isn’t available in the Facebook library, or you might want to make a GIF from a video you find online. You have a couple of alternatives for doing so. It’s likely that you’ve seen the GIF on the internet before, and it’s on Giphy. They offer a big collection where you can find practically any GIF you’ve seen, despite the fact that they don’t have many GIF-creating tools.

If you can’t locate the GIF you want, or if you want to produce one from a video you’ve saved or found online, simply go to your browser and convert any video clip into a GIF in seconds. You can paste a video link or drag and drop a video from your computer into the Video Converter on the Tools tab, then select Export as GIF from the conversion menu in the top right corner.

After you’ve submitted your video and trimmed it down to the section you’d like to use as a GIF, click Export GIF to have your GIF in seconds.

Sharing a GIF from your smartphone to Facebook is exactly as straightforward as sharing one from the Facebook GIF library. When creating your post, remark, or message, simply choose the GIF file from your file browser and choose the “Photo/Video” option.


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How to Post GIFs on Facebook.


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