How to Sell on Amazon from Nigeria

How to Sell on Amazon from Nigeria

How to Sell on Amazon from Nigeria – If you’re a business owner or a manufacturer who wants to sell your Nigerian goods to customers or clients outside of the country, you’ll need to learn how to sell on Amazon from Nigeria.

Amazon is the most popular online business in the world, with millions of unique visitors from all over the globe. This online selling platform allows you to find worldwide clients and, as a result, increase your sales. Many people are curious about how they can sell on an internet platform situated in the United States from Nigeria. This post will teach you all you need to know about selling goods and products on Amazon from Nigeria.

How to Sell on Amazon from Nigeria

If you didn’t live in the United States, you couldn’t utilize the Amazon seller app. This, however, is no longer the case. Even if you do not live or work in the United States, you may now simply learn how to sell on Amazon.

At first glance, this appears to be impossible for Nigerians. This is due to the fact that Nigeria is not included in Amazon’s list of countries where residents can register as sellers. However, there are still ways to deal with this tragic situation and go around the system.

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General rules

For residents outside the United States of America who want to sell on Amazon, there are certain general guidelines. These instructions are simple to follow and implement for any Nigerian with a strong desire to join the world’s largest online market and become a global seller. Before you can become one of the numerous vendors on the world’s largest e-commerce site, you must first complete many key stages. These processes are essential for ensuring that every seller on the site is eligible to sell. The first stage is registration, during which you must ensure that you supply accurate information. Continue reading:

Required steps to begin selling on Amazon from Nigeria

Registration of an account

Without an Amazon account, you won’t be able to sell any of your products. It’s fantastic news that you don’t need to go from Nigeria to the United States to open an account. It’s also unfortunate that you can’t register from the comfort of your own home or workplace in Nigeria because the country isn’t eligible to join the platform as a vendor. However, there are solutions to this difficulty that will benefit you as a Nigerian. Here’s how to go about doing it:

Citizens of Niger, Namibia, and a number of other African nations are eligible to register as official Amazon sellers. As a result, if you have relatives or acquaintances in any of these African countries, you can use their address to register. If you can’t locate someone in Niger, Namibia, or another supported nation, you can look for a US-based partner who can rent you their own physical address in the United States for a price.

Other requirements include:

Connection to the internet
ready-to-use documents (the account must be verified)
Create an Amazon non-US seller account with the support of a business partner or friends/relatives: During registration and platform use, a VPN will be used to disguise your Nigerian IP address.

To register your account, you will need the following:

Your true physical location (at the supported country only)
Mastercard/Visa international banking card and other bank account information (Other bank details are needed so that you will be able to receive electronic payments and automatic wire transfers). Many Nigerians who want to sell directly on Amazon from Nigeria use foreign partners and a Payoneer prepaid card to get money in US dollars. They take the money out and change it to Naira afterward.
Patience while waiting for account approval

Once you’ve successfully registered for an Amazon seller account, you’ll need to wait for Amazon to activate and authorize your account.

Selecting a Shipping Company

If your account has been successfully enabled after registration, you must read all of Amazon’s guides for its global network of sellers. Then you have the option to:

Ship your products to your Amazon-approved seller partner who lives in an African country: This is not the ideal option due to the high cost of overseas shipping, which is sometimes prohibitive to potential purchase how to Sell on Amazon from Nigerians. Another disadvantage is that shipping your products directly from African countries to buyers in other areas of the world might take a long time, and shipments can often get lost in the process.

Ship your items to Amazon’s fulfillment center using the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program: This is another option that is safer and more appealing to potential buyers from the United States because the products are guaranteed to be physically located at Amazon’s warehouse.

Calculate the costs of things carefully.

Once you’ve selected how you want to sell on Amazon, make sure you take the time to figure out how much you can charge for your products while still making a profit. The products can then be added to your Amazon store.

Install the Amazon seller app on your mobile device.

You can manage your new online store with the Amazon seller app. You can advertise on Amazon’s platform if you want to.

Amazon claims to have over 95 million monthly visits from the United States alone, with millions of more customers from across the world. This is how you may sell your things on Amazon from Nigeria. Amazon is also working directly with numerous African countries to allow its citizens to become Amazon sellers, and it is likely that Nigeria will be added to the list of countries sponsored by Amazon in the near future.

That is it on How to Sell on Amazon from Nigeria

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