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How to Transfer Airtime on AIRTEL 2021 – Do you want to know how to port airtime to another phone line? There is no need to worry because you are on the right track.

Airtel is the second in Nigeria and has over 50 million subscribers and can be found in all local government areas, as well as the larger towns and villages. Users of this company have excellent internet access, with 2G, 3G, and fast 4G options.

What if you ran out of cash, or if you didn’t want to touch the money, would that stop you from topping up someone else’s account?

No need to worry: all that is needed is necessary is to transfer airtime from one Airtel to another or money from one Airtel to another. It’s less hassle than selling to vendors and texting the digits.

Through Airtel you can send or transfer airtime from your account to another account This is almost the same, except the money will be deducted from your airtime balance instead of your bank account.

Here you’ll learn how to transfer/transfer airtime from your Airtel line to another person. They could be a friend or family member of yours, but only if they have a different cell phone service provider.

How to Transfer Airtime on AIRTEL 2021

You need an airtime pin to be able to transfer your airtime from one Airtel to another. This is a four-digit airtime transfer code that you can use to transfer airtime between your cards.

If you are only transferring time for the first time, you will be given a temporary transfer pin, such as 1234.

To maintain your privacy, you must change this default pin to a personal one you can easily remember to prevent unauthorized persons from making the transfer.

To change the default pin to your personal debit or credit card number, simply follow these simple instructions:

How to change transfer pin on Airtel

Like I said earlier, your default transfer pin is 1234 and to change this  Airtel pin to your own personal and more secured pin.

Go to your message > create new message > and write a new message using this format;

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PIN – Default Pin – New Pin and send to 432

Example: If the New Pin you’re changing to 5968 (remember it must be four digits)

Then your message should go like this; PIN 1234 5968 and send it to 432.

Another easy way of doing this is by dialing;

*432# > Select option 4 (PIN Management) > Select 1 (Change of PIN) > Enter Current Pin (Old or default pin) > Enter New Pin > Press Ok/Send.

Within a few moments, you will receive a message confirming your transfer pin.

You can now distribute your funds. The step-by-by-step process is provided here:

How to transfer airtime on Airtel to Airtel

While Airtel offers 2 different airtime options, both of which are straightforward, I recommend using this service as you may want to transfer airtime to a number

Through text message
2U[space]Recipient’s Phone Number[space]Airtime Amount[space]Transfer Pin > send to > 432

Example: If the Recipient’s Phone Number ( the person you want to transfer your airtime to ) is 08012345678, the Airtime Amount is N200 and Transfer Pin is 5968.

Then your message will be; 2U 08012345678 200 5968 after writing that, send it to 432.

Airtel transfer code

Dial *432# > Select 1 (Airtel to Airtel) > Enter Recipient’s Airtel Number > Enter Airtime Amount > Enter Transfer Pin > Press Send/Ok.

That is the airtime code for transferring from one air telephone to another. Please double-check and make sure that all of your inputs are correct before you hit the send button, as it cannot be corrected after that. Once you have sent your transaction, you will be notified of its success.

Please note: You will be charged N10 for each transfer, and you can transfer no more than N5000 at any given time.

When you’ve used up all your airtime to communicate with someone, but still have time to spare. You can credit them by sending a “Thanks for the Airtime!” message to their email address.

You are probably already familiar with the “calling me back service,” in which it is “billing me to go on the other phone”

When you want them to transfer airtime from their Airtel to your line, dial the phone number you would like to be linked with it; *141*8*Recipient’s Phone#; the number you type in is the one that connects with your line. There is absolutely no cost for anyone to receive this message


This is the way to send airtime from one airtime line to another, and doesn’t cost a penny to pass on!

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