How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel Successfully Using Airtel Me2u Code


How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel Successfully Using Airtel Me2u Code – There will be occasions when you need to transfer Airtel airtime to yourself, friends, or family members, and you will find yourself stranded and unsure of what to do.

In early June of this year, I made the error of purchasing Airtel credit worth 800 naira from my bank, but I added a zero (0), bringing the total to N8000. I wanted to scream so loudly, but I chose to either ship it or sell it to my relatives.

To do so, I had to look up how to send or transfer credit on Airtel, which I was able to do after using the Airtel me2u service. I was able to sell and send some to family and friends without any concern as a result of this, and I chose to share it with you guys.

You won’t have to deal with that situation again thanks to the following tutorials, which provide step-by-step instructions on how to successfully transfer airtime on Airtel. The requirements are straightforward: you’ll need the following items:

a. Your activated SIM card
b. You should know the amount of money
c. Your secret transfer PIN
d. The receiver number

You can transfer Airtime (credit) from Airtel to Airtel in a single rapid dial-up thanks to the Airtel me2u code. Airtel Nigeria, the country’s second-largest telecom network, is known for its speed and efficiency in providing service.

In fact, Airtel does not allow you to transfer airtime to MTN.

Although it is not currently supported, you can attempt selling your Airtel airtime to a third-party for a profit, with the option of receiving the money on another network or through your bank.

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What is Airtel me2u transfer code *432#?

The official Airtel me2u code is *432#.

We’ve already given you an overview of the Airtel me2u code, but here’s a more in-depth explanation. You can share or transfer your airtime with friends and family using Airtel Me2U.

Fortunately, all Airtel prepaid users are eligible for this service, as are all Airtel prepaid tariff plans, and you can transfer an unlimited number of times at any time.

The Airtel transfer code or service is completely free, and there are no limits to how much money you can send in a day, week, or month. “This service is valid for Airtel to Airtel subscribers,” Airtel affirmed.

When you buy N20,000 or more in airtime through the self-care app and share it with consumers using Me2U, you can earn an extra 4%, according to Airtel Nigeria. The following are some of the advantages of using the Airtel me2u transfer code:

a. No service fee.

b. No limitation on the number of transactions.

c. No limitation on the amount that can be transferred

d. No subscription or step up required.

How to change Airtel 1234 default transfer pin?

Airtel transfer pin default pin is 1234.

To do that, please follow the below settings:

Go to your message box

New message and type in PIN 1234 New PIN

Send it to 432.

Let’s say you want your new code to be 8567 – Send the message like this PIN 1234 8567 to 432.

P.S Even if your current Airtel transfer pin is not the default, you can effectively change it.

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Transferring Airtime or credit from your Airtel to another customer is simple, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to understand how to receive your own unique 4-digit pin.

But, before we get into the specifics, you should be aware that the default transfer PIN for all registered prepaid Airtel lines is 1234. Airtel subscribers are not permitted to use this as a personal transfer pin.

Please don’t ask why; I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now. For starters, using the default 1234 Airtel transfer isn’t recommended, and Airtel won’t approve it because it’s easy to guess and use to transfer your own money.

To put it another way, imagine that every Guarantee Trust Bank account holder in the country uses the same 1234 ATM pin for all customers.

Isn’t there always some kind of deception? Making it a default pin, on the other hand, gives you the option of changing it to a unique non-guessable 4-digit code that can only be decrypted in one trillion guesses.

Returning to Airtel, you’ll need to change your Airtel me2u transfer pin before you can use the ME2U service.

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