How to Transfer Data from GLO to GLO 2021


How to Transfer Data from GLO to GLO 2021 – Most people misunderstand these two phrases: “To transfer from GLO to GLO” and “to share from GLO” The two phrases “always” have the same meaning, but others don’t.

They are different; here’s a better way to say it: It’s not exactly the same, so here’s another way of putting it: If you transfer MB from the first to the second line, that means that you are transferring megabytes of glo from your line to another line.

In the same way that airtime is transferred from one account to another. A glo gift, on the other hand, lets you transfer or give MB of the plan to another user. In this case, you do not send mb, rather, it is sent to the other user.

You are only signing up for a glo data plan for your family and friends, who will continue to have access to the internet until it is used up or expires. permission to access, ‘To grant you access to your family and friends from Glo to the internet’ means you are granting internet access to your personal information (data).

once your data plan expires, you grant them internet access to your devices only

You are in control of, but you cannot decide how much they use it if you share mb with them.

If you have an active data plan and they are connected to the internet, they will always have data available.

So don’t you get confused whenever you see these expressions? After learning this, see how you can transfer glo to another line and how you can also share glo.

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How to Transfer Data from GLO to GLO 2021

There are three general ways to transfer or send data from your glo sim to another glo sim. Feel free to choose any approach; you’ll find it to be beneficial.

1. First dial *777# using your mobile device. Options you’ll select from will be displayed to you;

  • Select 1 – Buy Data
  • Select 3 – Gift Data Plan

You will be asked to select a plan. You can select one of these: Mini, Monthly, Mega, most used, or weekend plans. choose a plan you want to transfer to another glo user and tap Send /You can pick any data plan and send it.

Then you’ll be given an opportunity to enter the phone number you’d like to buy the data plan for)” on the form. A user must be registered in order to comment on a glo object. Make sure you type the recipient’s phone number in correctly and hit send or okay on your keyboard.

You will receive a message verifying your donation immediately and your bonus and expiration date will be communicated to the recipient.

2. The second way of doing this is by using this format; *127*<USSD_Plan_Number>*<Recipient’s phone number># Or You send “Gift <Recipient’s phone number>” to 127

3. You can also do this online using your glo sim by going to the official gift portal here > Glogift and following the instructions. It’s simple and quick.

That’s how to send mb from one glo to another (glo gift), but what if you already have enough data on your glo sim and want to share it with your family and friends? Let’s take a look at how you can accomplish this.

How to share data on glo network

Instead of subscribing for all of your family members, friends, or other glo lines, you can share your data with them and give them access to the internet.

They’ll have internet access with their glo line no matter where they are until your data plan expires or you unshare your data with them. Dial *777# to share your information.

  • Select 1 – Buy Data
  • Select 4 – Share Data Plan
  • Select 1 – Share

Enter the Subscriber’s Number (the person with whom you’d like to share your glo data). Make sure you type the recipient’s phone number in correctly and hit send or okay on your keyboard. You’ll be notified if your data sharing was successful.

Or you can simply dial; *127*01*[Recipient’s phone number]#. E.g dial *127*01*080XXXXXXX#


You can also share mb from glo to glo by sending ‘Share [Recipient’s phone number]’ to 127. E.g ‘Share 080XXXXXXXX’ send to 127. From that moment the recipient will start having access to the internet using your own data.

Note: Before you do this, you must have an active data plan ( a data plan that has data in it and has not expired)

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