How to use Facebook Two factor authentication methodically


How to use Facebook Two factor authentication methodically.

Enabling Facebook Two Factor Authentication early on will protect your Facebook account from future threats. Many users lose their Facebook accounts as a result of not enabling or disabling Facebook’s two-factor authentication. There is a slew of other reasons why your Facebook login may have been compromised. So let’s get started learning about Facebook Two Factor Authentication and turning it on today.

What is Facebook Two factor authentication?

When connecting to Facebook, two-factor authentication is an excellent approach to secure your account. They won’t be able to log in even if they know your Facebook password since they don’t have the Facebook Two Factor Authentication code.

The Facebook two-factor authentication code is not set in stone, and it will change every 30 seconds.

As a result, only users who have activated Facebook Two Factor Authentication will receive the right authentication code when it is required.

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How to enable Facebook Two factor authentication

There are four ways to enable Facebook Two Factor Authentication, but I’ll walk you through the three most common. At least two means to back up each other should be enabled, with the first two listed below is the most important.

  • An authenticator with Google Authenticator app: This way, all you have to do is hold your phone to receive a Facebook Two Factor Authentication code, even if you are offline, and you won’t have to worry about Facebook not providing the code by text message. This strategy is encouraged by Facebook.
  • Authentication by the message: You must (sim) your phone number in this manner. However, you may occasionally not receive Facebook messages or receive them slowly. You should use another approach to prevent it if you utilize this method.
  • Authentication with recovery code: You will receive 10 fixed backup codes, which you should keep somewhere to avoid getting the error of not obtaining the Facebook 2 weak authentication code in the future.
  • Hardware Authentication (uncommon): The Facebook Two-factor authentication code is installed through USB. To log in, you must insert this USB into the machine every time you log in. Do you feel like you’re in a spy movie or working as a secret agent? This appears to be the safest route, but it is inconvenient, hence Lucid Gen does not recommend it. Although both have the same owner, Instagram’s method of two-factor authentication differs from Facebook’s.The massage technique is the only one that is available.

Turn on Facebook Two factor authentication on your phone

You open the Facebook app and log in to your Facebook account > click Menu > Settings > Password and Security > Use a two-factor authenticator.

Authenticate with the Google Authenticator app

The most popular 2-factor authentication code generator software today is Google Authenticator. You can get this software on Google Play or the App Store for your phone; there is also a way to get it on your PC.

Step 1: You select Authenticator App > click Continue button > click the set key sequence to copy.

Step 2: Click the + button in the Google Authenticator app and select Enter a setup key. After that, click the Add button and provide your account name and setup key. Copy the 6-digit authentication code after you’ve finished making it.

Step 3: Go back to Facebook > click Continue button > paste Facebook Two factor authentication code and click Continue > click Done to complete.

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Authentication by message

Select Text Message > to select an existing phone number or add another number > enter the 2-factor authentication code in Facebook’s message and click Continue to complete to enable Facebook Two factor authentication by text message.

In most cases, you will receive the message within a minute. If you haven’t received the message after waiting more than 5 minutes, click the Resend Code button. If you’ve tried this approach a few times and still haven’t received the code, try it again or try a different phone number because Facebook’s SMS authentication method may be down at the moment.

Authentication with recovery code (fallback)

You click on Recovery Codes > click Copy Codes > click Done to finish. Then paste this recovery code somewhere secret if you lose your phone or don’t receive the verification code via SMS and apps.

Turn on Facebook Two factor authentication on the computer

To enable Facebook Two factor authentication on your computer, go to Settings > Security and Login > click the Edit button in the Use two-factor authentication section.

Authenticate with the Google Authenticator app

Step 1: Select Use Authentication App.

Step 2: To create a Facebook Two factor authentication code, open the Google Authenticator app and scan the QR code on your computer screen or enter the setup key.

Click the + button > choose to Enter a setup key to enter the setup key.

After that, click the Add button and provide your account name and setup key.

Step 3: To finish, input your Facebook Two Factor Authentication code and click the Continue button.

You successfully enable Facebook Two Factor Authentication by clicking the Done button on the message.

Authentication by message

Step 1: Click the Setup button in the Text Message authentication method.

Step 2: You choose an existing phone number or add a new phone number and click Continue.

Step 3: You complete the process by entering the 2-factor authentication code from the message Facebook delivered to your phone number and click Continue. If you haven’t received the message after waiting more than 5 minutes, please click Resend Code.

Authentication with recovery code (fallback)

Step 1: Click the Setup button in the Recovery Codes authentication method.

Step 2: Click the Get Codes button to receive 10 backup verification codes.

Step 3: To finish, click the Download (Download) and Close (Close) buttons. Then you store these ten recovery codes somewhere safe and only use them if the other two methods fail.

How to use Facebook Two factor authentication methodically.

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