Ideas for a cool Xbox Gamertag


Ideas for a cool Xbox Gamertag – You want to establish online buddies who will play with you again after you get into gaming for the first time. A cool Gamertag can get you off to a good start and make a positive first impression. Here are a few of the best for you to try!

Ideas for a cool Xbox Gamertag

  • Brostrodamis – Make a French astronomer roll in his grave.
  • fish tacos – Defeat your opponents by making them too hungry to keep playing.
  • EatBullets – Threaten them to show them who’s boss! What could go wrong?
  • TedBundyHandsome – Let them know you’re dangerous–but also weirdly attractive.
  • Molotov – Fight fire with fire.
  • SimplyTheBest – Schitt’s Creek fans will go nuts over this one.
  • HellNBack – You’re not afraid of dying. You’ll always respawn.
  • HappyKilling – You’ll destroy everyone, but you’ll do it with a smile on your face.
  • BestServedCold – Just like revenge. And pizza.
  • KillSpree – Because one death isn’t nearly enough to rank.
  • AngelOfDeath – You’re a devil in disguise.
  • PartyOnWayne – Wayne, and Garth approve of this Gamertag!
  • ManicLaughter – There’s no scarier sound. Ask Walter White.
  • Knuckles – For gamers who aren’t fans of guns and swords.
  • Guillotine – The old-fashioned way to die.

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Unique Gamertag ideas:

If you’re looking for a unique Gamertag, consider some of the suggestions below. If they’re not working, make minor adjustments until they do!

  • IHateKittehs – You monster!
  • HappyPurgeDay – Show them you have excellent taste in average horror films.
  • RipYourHeartOut – You’ll break their heart. Then eat it.
  • BloodDrainer – Like a vampire. But with fewer sparkles.
  • TheKingIsDead – It’s time for a new king to take the throne.
  • Alpha – Let them know you’re in charge. And that you’re kind of a douche.
  • NoThisIsPatrick – Teens and twenty-somethings can never get enough Spongebob jokes.
  • NotJamesBond – Or should Bond come first?
  • TeaBaggins – If you’re going to be gross, at least be clever about it.
  • ImmaRageQuit – Let everyone know you’re a sore loser.
  • InJailOutSoon – You’re not only a threat in the game. You’re a threat IRL.
  • KingOfDairyQueen – It’s the best place to rule over, by far.
  • IBoopURNose – Channel your inner Alexis Rose.
  • SuckMyPopsicle – The classiest way to tell someone to suck your dick.
  • WellEndowedPenguin – Everyone knows you’re lying, so you might as well throw a penguin in there.
  • SorryIKillYou – At least you’re being polite about your murder.
  • AmTrash – You might not be confident, but at least you’re honest.
  • BeardedAngel – Get rid of gender stereotypes by letting everyone know you’re a sweet, gentleman.
  • B4UShout – Remind everyone to stay calm, because getting your earphones blown out is never any fun.
  • NastyHulk – You’re even meaner than the green guy but just as dangerous.
  • TrollerGoals – This way, everyone will know to hate you as soon as they see you.
  • DeathMachine – It’s short, sweet, and straight to the point.
  • TooOldForThis – It’s hard to feel young when literally everyone you’re playing against is still in school.
  • ProbablyCheating – Give the other players a head’s up that you cannot be trusted. Not even a little bit.
  • ChillDude – Make sure you live up to your namesake. That means no rage quitting.
  • ThirdDegreeBurn – It hurts even more than you would think.
  • SavageScorpio – If you put your zodiac sign in your Gamertag, you’ll be giving them a lot of information in very few words.
  • NoDrugsHere – This might give away the fact that you’re high. But you might be too high to care.
  • Don’tReviveMe – For gamers with a death wish.
  • TooDrunkToWin – It might be an excuse, but at least it’s a fun excuse.

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