Meet Fewa Otedola – Son Of Nigerian Billionaire


Meet Fewa Otedola – Son Of Nigerian Billionaire.

Fewa Otedola is the only son of Femi Otedola, the CEO of Forte Oil and one of Africa’s wealthiest men. Unlike his sisters, Olawumi, DJ Cuppy, and Temi Otedola, Fewa enjoys hiding secrets. Fewa is the only male heir to his father’s billion-dollar fortune, and he is autistic.

Temi Otedola recounted how her family dealt with Fewa’s autism during World Autism Day on April 2, 2017, by sharing a personal tale about her brother.

“ “I think it’s vital to first clarify what is less common to those of you reading,” she wrote on her JTO fashion blog. Autism is a social development disorder that impairs the cognitive, communication, and interpersonal abilities of the brain. Autism is characterized by heightened sensory inputs, and people with autism require a great deal of attention and assistance from their parents, instructors, and teachers.

In 2004, my mother summoned my sisters and me to her bedroom. With the calmness of a mother, she informed us that our infant brother, Fewa, had special requirements. As my sisters interrogated me, all I could think about was what that would imply to me, the already overindulged youngest of three children.

Fortunately, my selfishness faded fast, and Fewa swiftly established himself as the heart of our family. The position of an elder sister frequently entails some kind of responsibility. Playing the older sister to an autistic brother, on the other hand, takes a lot more effort. Every day with him seemed to be a hardship at first, especially for my mother.
I recall my mother supporting Fewa with basic tasks such as brushing his teeth, assisting him in getting ready, and serving him lunch, all of which left him exhausted every day. Our family was extremely lucky to have caregivers on hand, but no one can doubt my mother’s strength in rearing Fewa. It’s the aspect of her I admire the most.
Every day, I observe him getting more self-sufficient. Our connection is getting less one-sided; we are, without a doubt, friends. Fewa does not require others’ pity. He is the most genuine and loving guy I have ever met. This is probably why I never thought of Fewa’s autism as being inherently and completely bad; it is a unique trait that contributes to the individual’s complexity.
I am neither naive nor unrealistic. I do have some nagging concerns about the future. Fewa will constantly be in need of assistance. At the age of sixteen, he also requires 24-hour care. The most common misconception about autism, in my opinion, is that people with it are socially inept geniuses—Rainman, anyone? Yes, it is true for some autistic people, but there is a reason why the official term is “autism spectrum disorder.” It’s a spectrum that ranges from children who can’t speak at all to those who are able to attend conventional schools.
Fewa believes that no matter what I do, I must design my life. My parents aren’t going to live forever, and my sisters and I will be responsible for their care and well-being. True, Fewa’s concern will always influence the decisions I make in my life. Despite this, Fewa is by no means a burden. These worries don’t change my feelings for my brother, who has shown me the purest form of love and brought me so much joy. “Love sought is fine, but love given unsought is better,” says The Bard. Fewa’s unwavering devotion has shaped me into the woman I am today – a sister, a teacher, a caregiver, and a mother.
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