Nigerian Navy Uniforms: Different types and Uses


Nigerian Navy Uniforms: Different Types and Uses.

The Nigerian Navy (NN) is an integral part of the Nigerian Armed Forces, which is perhaps Africa’s largest military force. Thousands of people from all around the country work for the NN, and the number is growing. Many individuals find it difficult to pinpoint what the Nigerian Navy’s functions are, therefore they have to make educated guesses.

If you want to one day be a member of Africa’s largest naval force, you need at least be aware of the actions and interests you’ll be defending. Apart from that, learning more about one’s homeland is always a good idea.

In 1963, the phrase “Nigerian Navy” was coined, and it has been in use ever since. Previously, it was known as the Nigerian Marine and the Royal Nigerian Navy. The Nigerian Marine Corps was founded in 1914. It was founded soon after Northern and Southern Nigeria were merged.

Both the Northern and Southern protectorates used to have their own Marines. However, upon the unification of Nigeria, a merger became necessary. After Queen Elizabeth approved the use of the title “Royal Nigerian Navy,” the Nigerian Marine was decommissioned in 1959.

The British colonial authorities, who were in charge of various administrative activities at the time, gave the Royal Nigerian Navy (RNN) its name. As a result, after the nation became a republic in 1963, the designation RNN had to be discarded.

In other words, the Nigerian Navy as we know it today was founded in 1963. It has, however, undergone a number of constitutional revisions since then, and will almost certainly continue to do so in the future. The Nigerian Navy, like the rest of the Nigerian Armed Forces, has distinct uniforms for different occasions. The meanings of the various uniforms used by the Nigerian Navy have been researched and will be shared with you.

We mentioned in our previous post that the term “Nigerian Navy” was coined in 1963, three years after Nigeria’s independence. Prior to 1963, it was known as the Nigerian Marine Corps and the Royal Nigerian Navy.

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Uniforms used by the Nigerian Navy

The Camouflage

During integrated military operations with other armed forces, Nigerian Navy officers used a special camouflage, often known as camo. The last one-of-a-kind camouflage was unveiled in October 2012 at the Naval Headquarters in Abuja’s Garki neighborhood.

The Nigerian Armed Forces, on the other hand, introduced a set of camouflage for the whole military in 2016. To put it another way, the Nigerian Army, Air Force, and Navy have all adopted the same camouflage scheme.

The only distinguishing feature is a military-style tag on the left side of the breast.

“Management has adopted the desert camouflage and forest camouflage for our military forces,” said Air-Vice Marshal Muhammadu A. Muhammed during the launching ceremony. While desert camouflage is designed to blend in with the terrain in northern Nigeria, woodland camouflage is used in the southern section of the country.”

Working Rig

The working rig, as the name suggests, is a navy blue outfit worn by Naval officials when on the job.

Liberty Rig

This is the white uniform that all navy officers are issued and is worn mostly for administrative purposes.


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Nigerian Navy Uniforms: Different types and Uses.

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