9 Secrets for Sell Your Stuff on Facebook Marketplace


9 Secrets to Successfully Sell Your Stuff on Facebook Marketplace.

Thanks to a variety of websites and applications that cater to buyers and sellers of all things secondhand, selling your goods online has never been easier. Facebook Marketplace, a relative newcomer, was launched in 2016 and has over 1 billion members as of 2021. Because messages are sent through users’ own Facebook accounts, Facebook Marketplace has various advantages over other online selling platforms, including ease of use and a lack of anonymity. Continue reading to discover the best strategies for selling on Facebook Marketplace in order to maximize your profits and rapidly get rid of your unwanted items.

1. Set a reasonable price.

Setting a pricing is one of the most challenging decisions to make when figuring out how to sell on Facebook Marketplace. Though you undoubtedly want to make as much money as possible, it’s critical to set a fair pricing in order to ensure that your item sells quickly. Always list things for 50 percent or less of their original retail price as a general rule. You should also look for similar products in your neighborhood to see who else is selling them and to get a sense of price ranges. If you want to sell your item quickly, you can undercut the existing market by pricing it lower than comparable listings. Alternatively, if you believe your item is of greater quality than similar products currently listed, feel free to set a slightly higher price and include notes in the item description that describe what makes your listing unique.

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2. Take high-quality photos for your Facebook Marketplace listing.

Providing high-quality images to entice potential buyers and show them what the item genuinely looks like is one of the best strategies to ensure that your item sells quickly. Set the item in front of a neutral background if feasible, and keep distractions to a minimum so the focus is on the item. Take images from several perspectives to provide interested parties a complete view.

If feasible, place the item in front of a sunny window to take advantage of natural light. Consider taking shots outside in a dark area instead to minimize harsh shadows. To keep the colors as realistic as possible indoors, turn off overhead lighting. To brighten the photographs, feel free to use an app. While taking images with your phone to sell on Facebook Marketplace is perfectly allowed, photos made with a DSLR camera will stand out.

Make sure you’re displaying a true-to-life photograph of the item. Take clear shots of the affected regions if it’s been harmed in any manner so purchasers can see the degree of the damage.

3. Provide a detailed description.

To decrease the amount of back-and-forth you’ll have to do receiving queries from potential purchasers, provide as many details about the item as possible up front. Include details about the brand, manufacturer, and model number if the information is available. Provide precise measurements as well as any pertinent information regarding the item’s condition, such as faults and evidence of use. When describing the object, be truthful, especially when it comes to size, origin, and condition. If the item doesn’t match the description at pickup time, you’ll be wasting both your and the buyer’s time.

4. Be sure to include search tags.

To begin, make sure your product is listed in the appropriate category so it can be easily found. However, in addition to generic categories, Facebook Marketplace allows sellers to add search tags to their ads to help potential buyers locate exactly what they’re looking for. If you’re selling a vintage mirror, for example, use tags like “vintage,” “mirror,” “gold,” “antique,” and so on. Up to 20 tags are now allowed on Facebook, and it’s best to utilize as many as possible.

5. Respond to inquiries quickly.

Because Facebook Marketplace transactions happen quickly, it’s critical to keep an eye on your communications when you have an item listed. Respond as fast as possible to interested parties to answer inquiries or negotiate a price. Potential buyers may have already purchased a similar item from another seller if you don’t answer to queries within 24 hours.

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6. Be willing to negotiate. 

On Facebook Marketplace, it’s normal for buyers to haggle a little. Before you select the price, think about your bottom line, and be open to bargain if interested parties offer a price that’s significantly less than the published price. Rather than waiting for a few extra dollars, it’s usually better to be flexible and accept fair offers. If you decide to advertise your item for the lowest price you’re prepared to accept, be sure to specify that the price is non-negotiable in the listing.

7. Offer to deliver.

Consider providing delivery if your item does not sell quickly. Free delivery on larger items (such as furniture) can be an additional inducement for purchasers on the fence. Many interested purchasers may not have simple access to a vehicle to transfer the item, especially if you reside in an urban region. To expand the pool of possible consumers, offer to mail an item to individuals who live outside of town.

8. Be realistic and patient.

While some things are in high demand and will sell quickly on Facebook Marketplace, more niche items may require you to wait for the right customer. Be patient, and if there isn’t much interest or the offers you receive are substantially lower, consider lowering the price of the listing after a week or two. You can also renew your listing on a regular basis to ensure that it reaches a new set of purchasers. For optimal results, renew every two weeks. Consider lowering the price by 5 to 10% each time you renew your contract.

9. Know the platform’s limitations.

Certain items are prohibited on Facebook Marketplace, so check the platform’s rules before posting a listing. So there’s no misunderstanding, Facebook’s Terms and Policies are listed clearly. The following are some of the items you can’t sell on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco and tobacco-related items
  • Recreational drugs, for example, are illegal narcotics.
  • Animals
  • Medical and health-care equipment
  • Counterfeit products, as well as anything else that infringes on intellectual property, are prohibited.
  • Cosmetics that have been used
  • Ammunition and weapons

You’ll have a better chance of selling your items quickly and for a good price if you follow these tips for selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Secrets to Successfully Sell Your Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

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