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Story Settings On Facebook | Facebook Story Settings – Here’s all you need to know about Facebook stories, including how to maintain their privacy, archive them, and so on. Facebook Story allows you to share photographs, videos, music, and more with your Facebook friends in a more realistic way. I’ll also teach you how to enable and disable the Facebook story archive.

What’s more, guess what? A tale can be used in any way you wish. Sharing a story on Facebook is a unique experience that fosters enjoyment, engagement, and genuine sentiments about your online presence.

What are Stories on Facebook?

Facebook tales are similar to another useful News Feed, but they are something that people trust. It’s a visually appealing and efficient way to share and receive feedback on your images, products, movies, and music from friends and customers within 24 hours.

While posting, the feature updates the camera with new updates, filters, and visual effects. It’s not the same as posting to your Facebook NewsFeed on a regular basis.

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How to Create and Share a Story on Facebook

Users can quickly create and share stories on Facebook with the new and upgraded Facebook app. Please follow these instructions to do so.

  • Go to Facebook and log in.
  • To make a tale, go to the stories section at the top and hit Add your story.
  • You can now generate text, a selfie, a boomerang, a poll, or use your camera to select a photo or video from your gallery, then hit Next on the top right.
  • Tap the Privacy tab in the bottom left to manage your privacy. You can choose whether your tale is visible to the public, friends, friends of friends, custom selection, and many more options.
  • Press the bottom right Share to Story button to make your story available to your chosen audience for 24 hours, then tap OK to confirm sharing.

Please keep in mind that any sort of story you share on Facebook will also be available on Messenger. Your story is only available to your chosen audience for 24 hours. It will then vanish, but you may still access and view it in your Facebook story archive.

Facebook Story Settings and Privacy

You have complete control over the privacy and settings of your Facebook story. As I previously stated, whatever you update to your narrative (privacy and other settings, for example) will appear on both Facebook and Messenger. Furthermore, on both Facebook and Messenger, you can restrict who can see and who cannot see your tale.

Control who can see your story (Stories Privacy)

You can easily control who can control your story on Facebook and Messenger. To do so please follow these steps.

  1. While creating a story, when you can see the Privacy option at the bottom left, just tap on it.
  2. Now select the audience
    1. Public: When selected, almost everyone on Facebook and Messenger app will see your story. This includes your friends, followers and all the people somehow connected with you and you are chatting with. The only thing is only your friends on your friend’s list can reply.
    2. Friends and Connections: All your Facebook friends and connected people including Facebook Messenger can see your story and react or reply to it.
    3. Friends: Only your friends on Facebook and Messenger app can your story but Messenger friends cannot react or reply to it.
    4. Custom: Your Facebook story will be visible to those you have selected not matter if they are on Facebook or Messenger will be able to see and react to your story on Facebook and Messenger.
    5. Hide Story From: Your Facebook story will be visible to only those you have not selected, the selection means they cannot see your story both on Facebook and Messenger. All the unselected people will see it.
  3. Finally, just tap the Share to Story button in the bottom right corner, it will be available to your chosen audience, and will last for 24 hours. Anyhow, tap OK to confirm sharing your story on Facebook and Messenger.

Please keep in mind that you can alter the privacy settings for your stories even after they’ve been published. However, if you’ve added any of your Facebook friends to a restricted list, they won’t be able to see it anymore. In that case, you must delete that buddy from the restricted list in order for your Facebook stories to be available to him.

All of the modifications you’ve made to your story’s privacy settings will apply to videos, images, and other media as well. The good news is that you have complete control over these settings and can modify them whenever you want.

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