Suggested materials for nose piercing – Titanium: This is ideal for people who have sensitive skin. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also the safest metal for all types of body fashion jewelry.

Surgical Stainless-steel: Surgical steel is a less expensive alternative to titanium and is a popular metal for body fashion jewelry. It is safe to use, however unlike titanium, it is not 100 percent biocompatible. Many people may wear it comfortably, however those with sensitive skin should go for titanium instead.

When a piercing has healed, some people may be able to use it without causing irritation, but gold should not be used on new piercings. Go for the 14k or 18k gold as soon as the piercing has fully recovered.

Metals That Are Not Suggested:

Silver: Sterling silver quickly stains and triggers allergies and bacterial development.

Nickel: Plenty of individuals get a rash when their skin is exposed to nickel.

Any metal that isn’t titanium or stainless steel is referred to as a non-titanium metal.

Most people begin with titanium, which is a fantastic material. If you’re allergic to nickel in any form, we don’t advocate trying any of the components with a nickel basis.

Some people obtained a variety of piercings before switching to studs that were more economical. Don’t scrimp on the metal you’re putting into your body.

There Are Several Kinds Of Nose Rings

There are many various sizes and shapes to choose from, so be sure you understand the different types and sizes of nose jewelry before speaking with your piercer.

Some individuals are only familiar with the L-shaped nose piercing stud or the hoop. They’re also known as curved nose studs, and unlike straight nose studs, they have a slight bend to the tail, requiring you to spin them to put them in. People who got one as their first piercing said it didn’t come out — at least not easily.

Inquire with your piercer about the method she or he is using to ensure that you can effortlessly remove your nose stud.

Kinds Of Nose Fashion Jewelry

  • Nose stud/nose bone
  • Nose hoop
  • Circular barbell
  • Nostril screw
  • L-shaped nose pin a.k.a. fishtail
  • Captive bead ring

There Are Many Places In Your Nose That You Can Pierce

The most typical nose piercing with a decent cost is the nostril piercing. Other piercing areas consist of:

  1. Septal Piercing: This piercing passes through the nasal septum to a sweet spot called the “columella” — the area between the bottom of the nose and the cartilage. The fashion jewelry of choice for this type of piercing is a septum retainer or a hoop. This piercing must not go through the cartilage, as this would be painful.
  2. Bridge Piercing: A straight barbell is placed between the eyes on the bridge of the nose. A bridge piercing will be highly sensitive to rejection because it is only a surface area piercing. Much deeper insertions are not possible via the bridge of the nose.
  3. Vertical Tip or Rhino Piercing: This one is done with a curved barbell. Both ends of the barbell will be visible: one will be on the pointer of the nose, while the other will be hidden beneath the tip.
  4. Septril Piercing: On the bottom tip of the nose, a nose bone or curved barbell is put half-vertically. Some nose structures are far better than others for this type of piercing. Because there is more area to work with, a larger septal area is usually more acceptable.
  5. Nasallang Piercing: The septum and nostrils are both pierced in this tri-nasal piercing. The piercing will appear to have two nostril piercings on either side of your nose, yet there is just one straight barbell that goes straight across.

Fascinating fact

Because the left nostril is linked to the female reproductive functions, it is thought that receiving a left nostril piercing helps to reduce the discomfort of menstruation and childbirth in Ayurvedic medicine.

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