The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi – If you’re always on the move, you’re probably used to going without the internet for extended periods of time. Getting no Wi-Fi or mobile coverage is normal even in this day and age, whether it’s due to another long-haul flight or overnight bus trip, or just too much time spent on the subway where radio waves fear to tread.

Fortunately, not getting a signal does not prevent you from playing some of the best mobile games available. Many developers have created excellent games that do not need Wi-Fi, whether on purpose or not.

On recent long journeys, I’ve been making my way through hundreds of them, but these are the ones I’ve been referring to again and again.

Some are accessible, while others are not. I’ve avoided games that need constant attention or a lot of in-app purchases in order to be enjoyable.

Here are ten of the best offline games to help you get through your own endless travel days, without further ado. On both iOS and Android, they’re all available.

The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi – Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley was a blast of fresh air in the world of mobile gaming. In a way we’d never seen before, it mixed beautiful graphics with complex puzzles and wonderful, wordless storytelling.

Set in a vibrant, Escher-inspired setting, its only flaw was that it ended far too soon, leaving players yearning for more. The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

They’ve got it now.

The sequel adds new levels and characters, but otherwise doesn’t change anything from the first game’s success. It’s a fascinating experience, with puzzles that make you believe you’ll never be able to solve them. Unless you do, that is.

Each level is unique, with you controlling both the mother and daughter characters at times, and only one at other times. Platforms travel up and down, parts rotate, columns shift, and a route to the exit appears that didn’t exist a second ago.

It’s a game that’s much more fun to play than it is to describe, and it’s well worth the few bucks it costs. However, don’t expect it to get you through a transcontinental trip. You’ll finish it in a few hours of committed play, just like the original, and be left wanting more. The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

So, when will the third version be released?

The Room: Old Sins

Space, which was released in the mists of time (ok, 2012), quickly became a classic. One of the few games that managed to be truly terrifying at times, the level of detail and complexity complemented the mysterious plot perfectly, making it arguably the best mobile puzzle game around.

This is the fourth edition in the series, and it continues where the previous three left off. An astute engineer and his wife have vanished, and the trail leads straight to their home’s attic. There’s a weird dollhouse inside… and that’s where the fun starts.

When you’re exploring your new surroundings, every detail counts, and it’s easy to miss anything if you’re in a rush. It almost feels as though you’re touching the items you come across, with secret mechanisms and new clues to be found as you explore them.

If you have people around, this is one game you’ll want to play with headphones because of the dark storyline, atmospheric graphics, and eerie soundtrack. Just don’t leap out of your seat too frequently, okay?

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The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi – Really Bad Chess

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s playing terrible chess. This game’s creator thought the same way, so he wanted to create his own version — with one major difference.

Although the board and rules are the same for both players, the starting pieces are completely different. It resembles the result of tossing a few hundred chess pieces into a bag, shaking them around, and pulling them out at random. There are three queens, six knights, and a smattering of pawns in this game. Yes, that sounds fantastic. The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

When playing against the AI (or someone sitting beside you if you pay for the unlocked version), the random assortment of pieces helps to level the playing field and gives even beginner players a chance to succeed.

If you improve, you move up the rankings, which means that although the pieces remain random, the consistency of the pieces improves. The huge advantage you had over the machine vanishes and winning becomes even more difficult. The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

People who have never played chess say it has helped them learn the (proper) game, and as someone who has, I’ve found myself enjoying the new approach even more than I had expected. It’s well worth the download if you’ve always enjoyed the idea of chess but never managed to get into it.

Mini Metro

Have you ever had an odd urge to operate your own subway system? No, neither have I, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing Mini Metro a lot.

The concept is to create a working metro to serve your ever-growing population, based loosely on maps of various major cities such as London, New York, and Paris. You start with a small number of trains, carriages, lines, and tunnels and must strategically deploy them as the city expands. If you last long enough, you’ll get a few extras and improvements, but they never seem to be enough to keep you ahead for long. The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

It seems to be straightforward at first, but when new urban centers emerge, this soon changes. With more people using the network, avoiding the overcrowding that ends the traditional game becomes increasingly difficult. You can also play in endless mode to avoid overcrowding and have a more enjoyable experience.

The game’s minimalist graphics and soundtrack are effective, and there are no advertisements or in-app purchases once you’ve purchased it. Each game is created at random for endless replayability, and there are even colorblind and night modes.

Mini Metro has received several awards and has sold over a million copies on mobile alone. It is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s easy to understand why. The 4 Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

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