The 7 Best Selling Apps for Making Money on Everything You Own


The 7 Best Selling Apps for Making Money on Everything You Own.

Remember the old adage about one person’s garbage becoming another’s treasure? Whatever you believe you’ll never get paid for your old wheelbarrow, gaming system, outfit, or baby toys, there could be someone out there right now looking to buy it. Rather than adding to the garbage or hiring someone to dispose of unused items, try selling them to that eager customer who is waiting to buy them.

The apps below will help you list, promote, and sell your goods online, allowing you to declutter and earn money. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is available in more than 70 countries, with 1.5 billion users—a that’s lot of potential buyers. You have the option of keeping the sale local and arranging for delivery or pickup as well as payment. If you need to ship the item, Facebook will provide the label and charge you a 5% selling fee. Messenger is used to pay for a Facebook Marketplace sale. Sellers can pay to boost a listing as an ad in order to help it sell faster.


Nextdoor is a great tool for selling locally because it links you with your neighbors. You can post items for sale or give them away for free on the site. You and the buyer work out pickup and payment arrangements for sale items. If a listed item isn’t selling, you can “boost” it by lowering the price, which will move it to the top of the feed. You can’t increase the price of something once it’s been reduced.

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eBay was founded in 1995 and now has over 182 million members globally. Users can sell things at a fixed price or in a one-day, three-day, five-day, seven-day, or ten-day auction. While some eBay sellers can ship items to another city, state, or country, others can post items locally for local customers. Local selling is perfect for large, expensive-to-ship commodities. Payment can be made using PayPal, credit card, or debit card. Although eBay is best known selling large-ticket items, you may also find smaller items on the site.

CPlus for Craigslist

CPlus is a Craiglist-licensed third-party program. This software has a wide reach thanks to Craigslist’s established audience. It also provides tools that help enhance sales, such as seller and buyer notifications. CPlus notifies the seller when a buyer expresses interest in an item. When a new listing pops up, potential buyers are contacted. The geolocation feature displays fresh advertising in the seller’s immediate vicinity. In-person payments and pickups are required.


Tradesy is a marketplace for designer apparel. Tradesy can tidy up your images so they look professional when you list clothes. Only genuine, high-quality clothes with minor wear will be allowed to be sold on the app. Tradesy charges a fixed fee of $7.50 for sales under $50.00 and 19.8% for sales beyond $50.00. Money can be withdrawn through transfer, PayPal, or debit for sellers. If products don’t move fast enough, you can cut the price or add them to a Tradsey Sale.

OfferUp and Letgo

In 2020, OfferUp and Letgo merged, making the app perfect for buyers. It includes a seller rating that gives purchasers a good picture of the seller’s expectations. You may offer stuff for sale in under 30 seconds and sell both nationally and locally. Local sales are completely free, and you arrange for payment and exchange with the buyer. “Community Meetup Spots,” a feature on OfferUp, lists brightly lighted spaces with video cameras for safe interactions. For distance purchases that require shipping, OfferUp charges a 12.9 percent or minimum $2.00 fee, and payment is done through the OfferUp app.


Poshmark prides itself on having roughly 25 million products from 5,000 different brands published on its site every day, making it ideal for buying and selling apparel. You can sell your products with photos and descriptions, and you can also make movies with Posh Stories. Poshmark also hosts Posh Parties, which are in-app events where users may buy and trade with like-minded “friends.” Poshmark charges a fixed fee of $2.95 on sales under $15.00 and a 20% commission on sales over $15.00.

Best Selling Apps for Making Money

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