4 Tips and Tricks on the iPhone that You Might Not Know About


4 Tips and Tricks on the iPhone that You Might Not Know About.

Many people regard Apple’s iOS as a user-friendly operating system, which is why it is so popular among smartphone owners. Even the most ardent Apple fan may be unaware that the iPhone has a plethora of hidden functions, and with the recent release of iOS 15, there will be even more. Here are a few iPhone tips and tricks that you may learn right now and put to good use.

Tips and Tricks on the iPhone that You Might Not Know About

See how much data an app collects from your phone

When you download an app, you could get a prompt asking if you want the program to collect data from your phone. In general, the information gathered will be used to create more personalized advertisements for you, however certain apps collect more information than others. If you’re unsure which app will gather what information from your phone, look at the app’s privacy section on the App Store. You can now know how much information an app developer can collect on you and other users of that app since Apple forces all developers to reveal all the data they track.

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Tap on the back of your phone to trigger functions

Creating shortcuts on your iPhone is a quick and simple way to gain access to specific apps. You may also personalize the Control Centre on your phone to have easy access to features like the flashlight and screen recording. However, using the back of your phone to create a shortcut for functions is another option. Rear Tap is an accessibility feature that allows you to activate system features such as the Control Centre by tapping the back of your iPhone twice or three times. Back Tap can also be used to open a shortcut you’ve built, such as an app.

Go to Settings and seek for Accessibility to find this feature. Select the Touch tab and search for Back Tap. You can specify the number of taps you want to utilize, and then choose from a choice of actions which the motion will trigger. Unfortunately, this function is only accessible on a few iPhone models, such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, but it will undoubtedly be useful to the majority of users. An iPhone 11 user from Malaysia submitted a Back Tap tip: use the functionality to open frequently used functions like a QR code scanner so you can reach it in seconds.

Delete Apple’s default apps for good

Apple has finally allowed users to deactivate default apps, so if you have an unneeded Apple app on your phone, you may delete it to create room for other apps. This is especially handy for default programs that most users do not use on a daily basis, such as the Tips or Measure apps. The App Store may always be used to recover deleted built-in apps. If you’re not sure about uninstalling apps because you think you’ll need them in the future, you may simply unload them via the Storage tab in Settings, which will free up space on your iPhone.

Listen to spatial audio with Dolby Atmos in Apple Music

If you have an Apple Music account on your iPhone, you can now listen to a small selection of songs in Dolby Atmos spatial audio for a more immersive listening experience. You must have iOS 14.6 installed on your iPhone before you can listen to music using spatial audio. If your iPhone has already been updated, go to Settings > Music. The Dolby Atmos tab, found under Audio, allows you to listen to spatial audio all of the time or while utilizing specified audio devices.

4 Tips and Tricks on the iPhone that You Might Not Know About.

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