Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile Users

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile Users

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile Users – We’ve compiled a list of the ten best free movie download sites for smartphone users to keep you entertained during this global pandemic period.

Since the start of the year, the coronavirus pandemic has caused the governments of many countries to implement a national lockdown.

This has prompted many people to seek alternative forms of entertainment, one of which is watching movies.

However, the majority of people have restricted access to these films for a variety of reasons. That is why we have compiled a list of the best mobile-friendly free movie download sites.

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile Users

Visit these movie websites to download thousands of your favorite films that will keep you entertained indoors.

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Avimobilemovies is one of the few free mobile video download sites that supports the avi format.

This format enables you to watch your movies on either an Android mobile device or a personal computer. Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile Users

Additional extensions are available that are compatible with the computer from which you are downloading.

Of course, the movies are all free to download, including those that you would normally see in a theater. The website features films ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood, cartoons, and WWE.

It has everything you need, with a film count in the millions.


Although this website is not particularly well-known among movie buffs, a review of it reveals that it deserves a spot on this list of the best free movie download sites for mobile.

By virtue of its name, the site is designed for mobile devices such as Android smartphones and tablets, ensuring a seamless and straightforward user experience.

Another wonderful aspect of this website is that the movies are available in a variety of formats, including HD, Mp4, and WebRip.

This displays the movie to users in a variety of sizes, allowing you to stream it according to your preferences and data use.


Despite its prolonged absence, the website has resumed functionality with an ever-growing library of films.

This is a very popular platform for users looking to watch free movies. It has a large library of films, some of which date all the way back to the late ’70s.

On this web, you can find films in a variety of genres, including action, romance, drama, and comedy. Additionally, they have films from Hollywood, Bollywood, and other film industries around the world.


The House movie is one of the most unpopular free movie streaming sites for mobile devices. This place is normally preferable to use if you’re looking for a movie but don’t know which one to watch. Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile Users

The website will suggest a few for you based on the genre you specify. Additionally, you will have access to user feedback, a number of recent user downloads, and movie ratings, among other things.

Visit the website to learn about the numerous, award-winning films from Hollywood and Bollywood, as well as other areas. You can either access the video on-site or save it to your computer to watch later.


Whatever film you want, whether Chinese, Korean, Philippine, American, or Indian, Hdmp4mania1 has it.

The selection of films available on this site distinguishes it as one of the best online movie streaming sites for smartphones.

While the website is designed for mobile devices, it also includes a desktop version for your personal computer.

Apart from being designed for mobile and desktop, you can also stream movies in the format of your choice. Each of these formats provides a unique level of video quality and, most importantly, a unique file size. Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile Users

6. Vidmate

If you are a fan of high-definition films, not only in HD, but also in 480p, 720p, and as high as 1080p.

The website’s interface and user-friendly appearance make it abundantly clear that it was created exclusively for mobile devices.

Apart from that, the website has a Google Play store application, which Android users are very familiar with.

The app was designed to facilitate the download of movies in common formats such as Mp4, MPEG, and as low as 3gp. Essentially, anyone with a phone can download the app or website.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the app is its download speed, which is unparalleled by any other network.

The website ranks highly among the best free movie streaming sites for mobile devices. Simply download the app and give it a try.

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This is a free mobile movie download site that provides movies in big, high-quality files.

It is strictly for users with a lot of info, as there are no movies here that are less than 800MB in size. Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile Users

The size of movies on this site can reach up to 2GB, which is understandably a significant amount for many.

Despite this, the website is one of the best, offering user ratings and feedback, as well as other features that ensure your data is not wasted on a film you would not enjoy.

It’s understandably infuriating to download a film of this scale only to discover that the film does not interest you.

That is why each film on this page includes a ranking, a genre description, and additional details about the film. It is currently ranked as the fourth-best free movie download site for all. Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile Users


This movie download site contains all of the information you need to know about any film you want. There are ratings, feedback, the number of downloads, the file size, and the genre, among other things.

Additionally, movies are available in a variety of formats, depending on the quality of the film or your budget. Nonetheless, this website has something for anyone who visits in search of a movie download.

Apart from movies, the website also offers links to popular films, television shows, and reality television series.

Though the website is primarily dedicated to Indian films, you can also find top Hollywood films in high definition.

On this web, you can easily find recent, classic, and famous films. A trip there will persuade you.


If you’re searching for a website that features regular updates on movies, animated films, and television shows, 1337xto is the website for you.

All films on this platform are available for free to users on the website, as long as they have sufficient data and a fast internet connection.

This is because the movies are usually very large in the 480p, 720p, and 1080p formats.

Since torrent downloads are permitted on smartphones, downloading from an Android device is simplified. You’ll find Hindi films here, as well as Italian, French, and American films.

Additionally, there is still something new to discover each day, as the movies are updated on a regular basis. Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile Users

Due to the high quality of the films available on this site, it earns the number two spot on this list of the best free movie streaming sites for smartphones.

10. YouTube

This is one website that is extremely popular on every continent. If you are still alive and unaware of YouTube, you are either living in seclusion or in the stone age.

YouTube hosts billions of videos, films, albums, television shows, and reality films. Almost every film is promoted and advertised on this platform through trailers.

Additionally, users on this site upload movies to the web for users to access for free, while accessing them traditionally will cost a fee.

Though YouTube is primarily a streaming platform, users who possess the technological know-how to download movies through this platform are always grateful they do.

This is because new releases can be quickly downloaded as soon as they become available.

YouTube is unquestionably the best and most popular free movie streaming platform for mobile devices. Many of the films on this page are available for streaming in their entirety.

The best feature is that you can find films from every country in the world, including Africa, Europe, Asia, and all other continents.

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