Top 4 Facebook Groups for Divorced Women

Top 4 Facebook Groups for Divorced Women

Top 4 Facebook Groups for Divorced Women – Divorce can be a trying time, but as the saying goes, when one door shuts, another one opens. One of the most effective methods to handle the obstacles that divorced women face is with the help of others. This might include learning from a friend’s past experience, giving or asking advice, or simply being that ear to listen and shoulder to weep on.

Hundreds of Facebook groups are now available to assist women in embracing their new beginnings, whether they are reentering the workforce, dealing with single parenting, or taking on the role of stepparent. These organizations are designed to be a lifeline for women, and many of them find new friends and mentors to support them along the way. We’ve put up a list of 10 Facebook groups for you to check out to help you choose the appropriate one.

It may be beneficial to join more than one group because different groups focus on different parts of life. We’ve included the official description of each one, as well as quick notes about what you’ll discover when you visit, to help you save time with your search.

Top 4 Facebook Groups for Divorced Women

1. Worthy Women and Divorce

Our goal at Worthy is to assist you in starting a fresh chapter following your divorce. We’re here to help you sell your engagement ring, acquire financial freedom, or learn to love and care for yourself. Wherever you are on your divorce journey, our Facebook group is meant to be a place where you can connect with us and others. Because this is a closed community, your private conversations will remain private.

“Divorce marks the end of one chapter, but it also marks the start of a new chapter in your life. As you embrace your new beginning, our group will keep you thriving! We’re determined to altering the discourse about divorce and single moms to highlight the perseverance, hustle, and strength we see every day from women like you!”

This group focuses on offering useful materials from divorce specialists and others who have your best interests at heart, as well as discussions and polls to encourage members to participate with, learn from, and help one another through this life-changing experience.

2. Millionaire Single Mom

This Facebook community is for unmarried, career-minded moms, as the name suggests. Emma Johnson of, one of our partners, started the organization. Emma is a wonderful addition to our team; from her website to her book, Kickass Single Moms, she can inspire any woman at any stage of life with her honest, tried-and-true counsel. Because this is a closed group, there is a brief vetting step to complete before joining. Posts and conversations are kept private.

“A supportive network of professional single moms who are committed to advancing their careers and money. There are no income requirements. All members must be dedicated to DREAMING BIG, TAKE ACTION, BE POSITIVE, TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR LIVES, and embrace or work for FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. Also, to SUPPORT other incredible single moms!”

This group can assist you in taking the next step ahead with confidence, no matter where you are in your financial path.

3. Manifestation Babes

While this Facebook community isn’t just for divorced ladies, it’s a terrific place to discover inspiration to get you through the tough times and focus on the internal process of starting a new life in a positive mindset. Because this is a closed community, your private ideas and dreams will remain private.

“Welcome to Manifestation Girls, the official high-vibe FB community for spiritual babes interested in connecting on all things manifestation, law of attraction, spirituality, metaphysics, mentality, money, life coaching, and online business. I’m overjoyed to have you here. I feel we were meant to meet for a purpose, and I can’t wait for the two of us to figure out what that reason is.”
One hundred percent positivism, all the time. Manifestation Babes is a spiritual (not religious) club that aims to help you focus on the positive aspects of life while you change your lifestyle. Posts including rants and complaints are immediately removed, ensuring that the group remains enjoyable and positive.


This Facebook community might assist you when you’re ready to revisit the idea of romance. It was designed by one of our contributors, Nicole Amaturo, as a resource for all women looking for love, and it’s especially helpful for divorced women looking to mend their hearts and explore new romantic prospects. This group is closed, as are many of the best Facebook communities for divorced women.

“You’ve come to the right site if you want to manifest love through self-love and acting as if. Hello there! My name is Nicole Amaturo, and I’m a personal growth and love coach… Self-love is the way to greater love, whether you’re in a relationship or not. There’s a HIGH VIBE group of females inside this group that are dedicated to their Selves and their healing in order to create the love they know they deserve. There are a lot of trainings, celebrations, successes, and positive energy. Join in on the fun! This is an excellent place to begin loving yourself in order to make room for what you actually desire in love!”

So many of us were never taught to love ourselves – in fact, many of us were raised with the opposite perspective, making self-care difficult, if not impossible. This is a fantastic location to begin your journey of self-healing from the inside out, so you’ll be ready for fresh, healthy love when it comes your way.

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