10 top Android and iOS tennis games


10 top Android and iOS tennis games –Few sporting events are as well-known as Wimbledon, with its strawberries and cream, white jerseys, and a lot of grunting.

Not everyone will be able to attend the event in person, therefore the majority will be trapped at home watching a live broadcast of Wimbledon – and possibly with nothing to do in between sets.

What better way to prepare for the upcoming round of matches than to play some of the best tennis games available on mobile – whether on Android or iOS?

From straight simulations to arcade score attacks, touch farming in the style of Clash of Clans to statistical-based simulators, there’s something for everyone.

10 top Android and iOS tennis games

Read on for ten of our best Android and iOS tennis games available.

  1. Tennis Champs Returns – Season 3

This selection, based on an old Amiga game, stands out from the rest of the list in terms of style. It also has a deceptively basic control scheme with pixel imagery from the 1990s that is simple to grasp but difficult to master.

This is a great option for individuals searching for a little difficulty with a pick-and-play game format but still has depth and allows for some creativity and strategy. It has quick play choices as well as a more in-depth story mode in which to fight.

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  1. Stick Tennis

Are you not a big fan of simulations? Do you want instant gratification? Stick Tennis has your phone number. If you’re a tennis enthusiast in any manner, this game should be towards the top of your list. It has lightning-fast gameplay, an easy-timed control mechanism instead of positioning, and a charming art design.

This game has all the depth of Pong, but it’s also just as addictive.

  1. Virtua Tennis Challenge

Experienced tennis players will no doubt know the Virtua Tennis games released by Sega in the 2000s for various consoles. They’ve been a staple of the genre for years, with smooth arcadey gameplay, and they’ve finally found their way to phones.

While it has a bit ad-heavy approach, this is nevertheless a well-executed adaptation of a famous franchise, with engrossing action, a good range of different courts and characters to choose from, and well-implemented controls.

  1. Ultimate Tennis

The list of simulation options is completed by Ultimate Tennis. While this alternative takes an awkward and cautious approach to fairer sex (think Dead or Alive), it nonetheless gives depth and an engaging control structure.

It emphasizes timing and posture in order to allow one-handed play and encourages the user to take the lead in setting up counter swings. For the asking price of $0, this is well worth a chance with a modern presentation.

  1. Timber Tennis

Timber Tennis, by Digital Melody, is back on the fast-paced path. This game pits the player against other tennis players using spikes, fireballs, bombs, and more – all at breakneck speed – in a title with a healthy dose of humor. Characters from the developer’s past games also make a cameo, complete with lumber-related regalia and pixel art stylings.

This game, which is played from a top-down perspective and is evocative of Pong, is ideal for passing the time on the bus or elsewhere.

  1. Tennis Manager 2019

Not a fan of instant gratification? Looking for something a little more in-depth that will repay a closer look? Participate in the Tennis Administrator program.

This title has you daily teaching your charge and micromanaging every aspect of their life to generate top talent, setting you up to guide a rookie player to the top of the world rankings on their way through the ranks.

Although the art aesthetic is a little lacking, this is a nice choice for people searching for a little strategy and a challenge.

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  1. 3D Tennis

Another return to the world of simulation, this time with a plausible control set, captivating visuals, and a refined user interface. The secret of 3D Tennis is its incorporated physics engine, which is theoretically more advanced than the competitors.

Aside from that, the game is pleasant, with a ‘Easy Play’ mode for quick matches and a ‘World Tour’ mode for those wanting for a little more.

  1. Flick Tennis

When all you want to play is something with a little personality, a little background, there are times when simulation, rapid satisfaction, or even management might feel a little bloodless.

Flick Tennis is a comprehensive story mode with animations, a soundtrack, and a comic book narrative structure, but one that is pretty primitive in terms of gameplay (the title is very strikingly descriptive in this aspect). This is an unusual post that is still interesting and worth checking out — especially if you are in a more relaxed mood.

  1. Pong

Pong is a classic tennis scenario, albeit rather abstract, whose gameplay has more than weathered the test of time, in addition to being a part of the original videogames’ big bang’ in the late 1970s.

We enjoy this version of CODA Masters in particular because of the tiny file size, fast loading, minimalist interface that does not try to improve on the original, and sensitive controls. As a nostalgia sink or otherwise, this is a release of the flagpole for the tennis/table tennis genre.

  1. Tennis Club Story

Kairosoft is one of the few developers who has carved out such a large niche in the mobile management genre. Here, the prolific game-maker applied his magical hands to the tennis management genre, creating a game that is both addicting and charming.

This is an easy game to lose hours in, especially if you’re bored on the bus, and it’s well worth a try thanks to its unique art style and simple UI.


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