Vizio TV Won’t Turn On—What to Do?


Vizio TV Won’t Turn On—What to Do?.

It’s aggravating when your Vizio TV won’t switch on for no apparent reason. Purchasing a new television set can be pricey, and having one repaired can be time-consuming and costly.

But don’t be concerned. There’s no need to fear if your Vizio won’t turn on. There are a few possible causes for this scenario, and most of them aren’t related to a malfunctioning television. Getting your TV back up and running usually only takes a few minutes and some troubleshooting.

What to Do if Your Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

Checking a few things usually solves this problem in a matter of minutes. You’ll be back to viewing your favorite shows in no time with some fast troubleshooting.

Here are some possible causes for your Vizio TV not turning on, as well as how to fix them.

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Step 1: Check the Remote

It’s possible that there’s nothing wrong with your Vizio TV if you can’t switch it on with the remote. It’s possible that the problem is with the remote. The batteries are failing or are already dead, which is one of the most common problems.

Replace the batteries and turn the TV on again to see whether this is the case. If nothing seems to be working, there’s one more remote issue to look into.

Step 2: Check the Vizio TV’s Power Source

If the remote is in good working order but the TV still won’t switch on, the next natural step is to check the power.

The first thing you should do is examine what happens if you push the Menu button. The television is sometimes turned on but the screen is blank. A Menu button can be found on both the remote and the television. To see if the menu appears, push both buttons (but not at the same time).

If the menu test fails, the television may be turned off, and the power source may be faulty. Before attempting to turn your TV on again, make sure it is fully hooked into a power outlet.

Step 3: Check the Condition of the Power Cord

A loose or damaged cord is one of the most common causes of your TV not turning on. Even the most technically knowledgeable among us might have troubles with a loose power cable.

Check the cord’s connection to the power outlet and the TV for proper fit, and make sure both connections are plugged in. Even a little slack power cord connection can cause your TV to lose power, and it’s not always obvious when your TV is unplugged from its power source. Examine whether the cord is properly inserted into the outlet. It’s a good idea to unplug it and then re-plug it to make sure it’s secure. Another option is to put the cord into a different outlet.

Make sure the cord is securely connected to the back of the TV after you’ve checked the power socket in the wall. A loose power wire connection occurs more frequently than you might believe, especially if you have children or pets who run around the TV or if the power cord to the power strip is long. Longer runs mean tighter cords, which can loosen when the TV is rotated or moved around. To make sure the power cord is fully inserted and secure, disconnect it from the TV and plug it back in.

If testing the remote for operation, verifying the TV’s power source (outlet), and reviewing the TV’s power cable does not resolve the issue, there is one more thing you can try.

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Step 4: Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

If you believe that your Vizio TV is having power troubles, the first thing you should do is power cycle it. The procedure necessitates the use of your television’s power button. Are there any buttons on Vizio TVs? In a nutshell, all buttons are located on the back of the device and vary depending on the model or version.

The procedure for power cycling your Vizio TV is simple and follows these steps:

  • Remove your TV’s cord from the outlet and leave it unplugged.
  • On the back of your Vizio TV, look for the power button. The buttons are well-hidden, so you’ll have to look closely.
  • To drain any reserve energy, press and hold the button on your TV for roughly 10 seconds.
  • Try turning on your television once more.

In most circumstances, the actions listed above will work. If none of the processes work the first time, repeat the procedure, this time holding the power button down for at least 10 seconds. Often, this will suffice to fix your TV and allow you to return to relaxing.

Step 5: Call Vizio Customer Support

If none of the following suggestions work, it’s time to contact Vizio customer service. They might include instructions for your specific Vizio TV model.

While contacting technical assistance may resolve the issue, there may be other difficulties with your television that you are unable to resolve.

Vizio customer service may be able to assist you in resolving the issue by working with you over the phone or instructing you on how to send your TV in for repair.

Step 6: Replace Internal Components

You can troubleshoot the boards to find potential power problems if you understand electronics and how they work. A malfunctioning power supply board is the most common cause of a Vizio TV that won’t turn on. Even though the Vizio TV has sufficient power outputs, a defective T-Con board is frequently the result.

If you’ve never dismantled a Vizio TV, or any other television for that matter, it’s better to leave the repairs to a qualified repair specialist. Disassembly is extremely exact, detailed, and dangerous! With all those tight and brittle wire connections and high-power circuitry, any wrong move can destroy the TV or yourself.

Note: You are servicing your Vizio TV at your own risk. Box20 and are not liable for the user’s conduct or outcomes. Your activities have the potential to cause electrical harm and even shock!

Do you have any other troubleshooting advice or suggestions? Please post them in the comments section!

Vizio TV Won’t Turn On—What to Do?

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