Facebook Privacy Settings for FB – Basic Privacy Setting For Facebook


Facebook Privacy Settings for FB – Basic Privacy Setting For Facebook – Basic Facebook privacy settings allow one set up one’s profile to ones suitability, condition and purpose. Even as much as enabling you determine who sees your Facebook activities including status updates you post, the photos you share, videos, who tags you, tags suggestions, who posts on your timeline and many more.

Right below, let us quickly look into some of the basic Facebook privacy settings you should know in order to better control your privacy on Facebook platform.


Basic Facebook Privacy Settings for FB For Every Facebook User

Here are the Facebook privacy settings for FB which everyone who uses Facebook should know. They are important to your use of Facebook and where you have questions regarding the Facebook privacy settings, do let us know using the comment section and we will reply you. Let’s get started with the basic settings;

1. Accessing The Privacy Settings & Tools Panel:

There are different Facebook settings, while some of them can be accessed through different avenues, one can also simply access most through the Facebook ‘Privacy Settings and Tools’ panel. They allow you make changes to most of the things that matter to you on Facebook, including who can contact you, and even who can look you up through your provided phone number and email.

To access the Facebook Privacy Settings and Tools, simply click on the drop-down “lock icon”  (it is the small arrow pointing downward) just at the top right corner of your Facebook home page, then click on ‘Settings’ and then look up at your left to see “privacy” among the list of menu; click on “Privacy” and then select your desired privacy setting.

2. Audience Settings When Posting:

Facebook gives you the opportunity to control the audience for your Facebook posts. This means that when you make posts on Facebook, you can select who can see such posts, either ‘Public’, ‘Friends’, ‘Groups’, ‘Custom’(Specific individuals). In addition, you also have an option for selecting whether only yourself can see such posts.

To select the audience during posting, all you need do is write your post the usual way you write posts, then click on the drop-down icon which is directly left to the blue “Post” button. From the list of the drop-down menu(Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom), decide and select the audience you want them to see the status update.

3. Controlling Timeline And Tagging Settings:

This Facebook Privacy settings controls such aspects as to who can post to your Timeline, and who can see things posted to your timeline, and in addition allows you manage how you are tagged to posts  and tags suggestions.

To adjust the Timeline and Tagging settings in order to control who can add or post things to your Timeline, who can see things on your Timeline, and also manage tags people add as well as tagging settings; Simply look under “Privacy” (as described above) to see  “Timeline and Tagging”, click on it to adjust your Timeline and tagging set up.

At any corresponding option, just click on the “Edit” at the right end side of each option to adjust the setting.

4. Controlling Personal Information:

The “About” section of every Facebook user reveals most of the users personal information, including gender, birth details, work, education, family members and more.This then makes it necessary to adjust who sees some of this personal information.

To control who sees the information within the “About” section, simply click on “About” tab below your cover photo while you are on your Timeline. Then click on the gray “Edit” button in the the top-right corner of the section bearing the information you intend to edit, followed by Audience selector located directly to the right of the information. The choose the audience from the drop-down menu and Facebook will automatically save the changes when you are done.

5. Hiding Your Friends, Followers And Following Lists:

To make Friends lists private, click the “About” section below your cover photo while on your Timeline. Scroll down to your friends list, click the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of your friends box, and select Edit Privacy from the drop-down menu. The, choose whether you would like your friends list to remain public, only visible to your friends, or only you. You can even specify individuals using the Custom option. Also follow the process for your followers and things you follow.

6. To Create Custom Friends Group

To create custom friend group, simply click on “Groups” from the list of menu at the left side of your Facebook home page (News Feed).

Then click on green ” + Create Group”

And now name the group you want to create, add friend by typing their name or email address.

After which, you select below, the Privacy for your group; which could be either “Close Group”, “Public Group” or Secret Group”.

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