Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?


Facebook user’s all over the world try to find answers to the question “who viewed my Facebook profile account?”.

How to Find out who viewed your profile on Facebook

There has always been strong privacy on Facebook, but the question without an answer yet is for the user’s to see who views their profile.

Reggie Azevedo: A staff in social media management platform says, “there is no official built-in tool for this.”

Lance Ulanoff: Editor in Chief of Lifewire, says “there’s no safe or confirmed way to do this either.”

There are some ways people claim you can check or view those who visited your Facebook profile

The use of another app to give a full list of friend’s who viewed your Facebook profile. Never review your password or other login details for security and privacy purpose.

Ulanoff: calls it “data harvesting,” which allows access or permission to view your data and also share friends’ data.

Alex Heid: Chief Research & Development Officer at security scorecard says, “If this is a feature Facebook wanted, they will build it is similar to how LinkedIn allows premium members to see this info.” Also, avoid taking the Facebook quiz for a reason to know who viewed your profile.

Ulanoff: Speaks on the method which reveals profile numbers through(view page source and initial chat friends list), which you can’t confirm that the numbers and account belong to any of your friends.

Filho: Added that “there’s no hard data from Facebook to check friends that visited your profile.”

Ulanoff: Also added that “the data derived from the source code method gives a list identical to the conversations list that you may find on your profile.” Facebook gave access on how to see your followers.

Why doesn’t Facebook let people see who viewed your profile?

Andrew Selepak: A Ph.D. holder, the director of the graduate program in social media at the University of Florida, says, “it would be a PR nightmare for the Facebook social network if there was a way for non-friends to view your Facebook page and for users to know about it.”

Dr. Selepak: Say’s “we all look up friends, former friends, coworkers and exes on Facebook, and we do not want users to know when we look up their page and that if it were possible, user’s would spend less time on the site.

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