People Who View Your Profile On Facebook – People who visited my profile in 2020


People Who View Your Profile On Facebook – People who visited my profile – If you want to see people who view your profile on Facebook for any reason, in particular, It may be just mere inquisitiveness or for the purpose of security.

Regardless of the reason, it is important that you know the persons who visit your profile on Facebook. What is puzzling is that this essential feature is not given much regard by Facebook. There’s no official feature that can allow you to check persons who view or visited your profile on Facebook.

People Who View Your Profile On Facebook

Might it be the personal privacy reasons or to abide by social laws, the government didn’t provide this function; however, there are great deals of developers worldwide who comprehend its value. So, they create extremely innovative ways to assist individuals in knowing who visited my Facebook profile.

There are many developers who have actually released secret techniques to know who has visited your Facebook profile recently. This includes Facebook profile visitors web browser extension/add-on, Android/iOS apps to know who visited your Facebook and cool script to assist you in identifying it immediately who visited my Facebook profile recently.

Amongst these ways, I am sharing with you five working techniques to understand who visited my Facebook profile. Scroll down to understand ways to use them and learn more about who visits your Facebook profile most regularly.

1. Using the Social Profile View Notification.

Social Profile View is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to know who visited my Facebook profile using through desktop’s Chrome web internet browser using your Facebook profile. From the minute you set up the extension, it will begin tracking the Facebook users who visit your Facebook profile. It will likewise show your recent Facebook profile visitors by scanning the information from the LOG file.

To utilize the Social Profile View Alert Google Chrome Extension, follow these listed below actions:

– From your PC/Laptop, go to the Social Profile View Alert Extension page– click here.
– Add this Facebook profile visitors extension to your Chrome web browser and activate it.
– Now, Visit Social Profile View Notification through your Facebook account.
And, you’re now set. Open your Facebook, you’ll see a brand-new Visitors Tab at the top-bar, in addition to Search-bar, House, etc.

Whenever you would like to know who has visited my Facebook profile, you need to click this Visitors tab, and it will open a little pop-up box telling you your latest Facebook visitors.

2. By Checking Facebook Source Code

Another easy approach to know who visited my Facebook profile is to scan the Facebook source code. You can open FB source code in either Mozilla FireFox and Chrome web internet browser from your desktop. So, whichever web browser you choose to search Facebook, open it, and follow these steps to determine who visited your Facebook through source code.

Steps to understand who went to Facebook from a Web browser:

– Login to your Facebook through the web browser and navigate to the Facebook home page.
– At this page, ideal click and pick View Page Source (in Chrome) or Page Source (in FireFox).
– Doing this will open your Facebook homepage’s source code in a new tab.
– Usage internet browser built-in Discover alternative (Ctrl+ F) and search ‘InitialChatFriendsList’ in the Facebook page source.
– As soon as you located the code, try to find “list”:
– Next to this code, you will see some numbers; these are Facebook profile ID of the good friends who have actually visited your Facebook profile just recently.

To visit any of those pal’s Facebook profile IDs to know exactly who are those, you can simply change FB_PROFILE_ID in below URL to the Profile ID number and visit it:

It will take you to the Facebook friend’s profile, who recently visited your profile. This approach works simply great for me. If you deal with any problem while using this technique to understand who visited my Facebook, you can comment below.

3. Using Who Visited My Facebook Android App

For mobile users who browse Facebook from Android, there is a complimentary Android Facebook visitors app which will allow you to understand who visited my Facebook profile directly from your smartphone. Follow the directions below to utilize the app:

Step 1: Install Who Seen my Profile app to your Android phone. Visit this link!

Step 2: Once set up, open Who Seen My Profile app and link it to your Facebook account using the “Link To Facebook” button offered at the bottom.

Step 3: Now, Who Views your Profile android app will immediately scan your Facebook profile and reveal the most current people who visited my Facebook profile.

However, the app’s performance is restricted. It can just reveal those people who have visited your Facebook profile who are your “pals on Facebook, not any FB profile. But, it’s still a lot like the majority of the time, we wonder about knowing who among all our pals checks us one of the most.

4. For iPhone/iPad Users

For iOS users, there are many fantastic apps that permit you to know who visited your Facebook profile. So, if you have iPhone or iPad where you run Facebook and desire to understand your Facebook profile visitors through it, then these apps are going to help you understand this:

Who Engages with My Profile on Facebook iOS App.
Manage your Social Accounts.
The recommended app is the second one, “Manage your Social Accounts,” due to the fact that it will not just allow you to inspect who visited my Facebook profile; however, it will likewise allow you to understand great deals of amazing details about your good friends and their friendship. It will permit you to know who engages with you the most, who chat with you the most, who likes your post the most on Facebook & more.

5. Facebook Unofficial Approach

As I informed above, Facebook didn’t reveal any “Official” technique to let Facebook Users know who visited your Facebook profile just recently or who visits your FB profile one of the most. But there is an unofficial technique directly from Facebook, which will enable you to determine who visited my Facebook profile recently.

Visit your Facebook timeline and scroll down to the friend’s section; here, you might be having 500+ friends; however, Facebook shows just 9 FB good friends profile here. These are your leading pals on Facebook.

Leading good friends on Facebook

Leading friends on Facebook have not figured out arbitrarily; they are identified by lots of factors that Facebook uses to appoint them as top pals are featured at your Facebook timeline section. A few of the essential features that Facebook thinks about are:

– Friends who sent you personal msg.
– Pals who liked or talked about your feeds.
– Buddies who visited your profile.
– Friends you visited their profiles (But those pals are displayed in the little box at the top of your Facebook Timeline ).

If you aren’t active on Facebook, do not comment anywhere, do not talk with pals through Facebook, then the next crucial function Facebook is considering is People Who View Your Profile On Facebook. So, if that’s the case, then you can be pretty sure that buddies appearing at your Top Pals area are the people for you who visited my Facebook Profile.

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