Types of C2C Software

Types of C2C Software

In recent years, C2C platforms are gaining popularity around the world. Customers want to sell their products directly to other customers without dealing with vendors and wholesalers as mediators. It is possible to create a strong customer base for your C2C platform by utilizing the networking capacities of the online world. C2C platforms can be designed and coded in various forms. So, which types of C2C software are out there?

What Is C2C Software?
A C2C software also known as the C2C platform is an online platform where customers can buy products from other customers. At the global level, eBay and Craigslist can be given as the most prominent examples. However, there is an increasing demand to such business model solutions around the world. With the increasing demand, it is possible to see local C2C platform solutions in different countries. Today, both web-based and mobile C2C platform solutions are expanding rapidly.

When designing a C2C software, it is important to consider the characteristics of the platform. For example, web-based solutions can be more elaborate than mobile solutions. This is because a web application will have more space to add more details about the products. On the other hand, a mobile solution must offer a compact version of the web app.

Web C2C Software Solutions
One of the most common types of C2C software is the web-based solutions. These solutions operate on a website and can be considered as a type of an online shopping platform. But the most important thing in this solution is that both the sellers and buyers are individuals. In most cases, people try to sell their second-hand products or collectibles by using these platforms. It is possible to find a wide range of products including clothes, CDs, toys and many other.

Mobile C2C Software Solutions
Mobile C2C software solutions are a type of mobile app. In this solution, C2C operation is entirely handled on a mobile app. Today, it is possible to find numerous service providers such as e-commerce mobile app company Doha to built an effective mobile C2C solution. The mobile app is designed to offer a seamless user experience. All the components on the app are optimized for the mobile devices as well.

Types of C2C Platforms
There are different C2C platforms out there. Each of these platforms have unique properties and operations. Some of the most common C2C platform types are:

·         Social media websites

·         Online auctions

·         E-commerce websites or e-commerce mobile apps

People can sell their products to other customers by using social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. There are even dedicated marketplaces that enable individuals to list their products. On the other hand, online auctions connect the customers who want to buy and sell products. In online auction, the buyer bids on the listed product which appears on a third-party platform.

In addition, these two types, e-commerce websites or e-commerce mobile apps can be purposed as a C2C software. It is possible to sell handmade goods, second-hand products or used products on these e-commerce websites.

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