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Facebook’s quiet mode is been rolled out for iOS and Android apps. A lot of us are glued to our phones right now, not even because of the quarantine. Although a great way to keep in touch with our networks is through notifications from Facebook and this can be a hindrance if you started working from home. Or you just need to take a break from Facebook or social media for a while.

Facebook Quiet Mode
Facebook Quiet Mode

Facebook Quite Mode

It is great that Facebook will release this feature that will reduce your Facebook usage without losing important updates from groups and contacts. Now, this quite a mode feature will not only help you control your Facebook usage but also allow you to enjoy some time away from your phone. And you don’t have to worry your messages and notifications will be there when it turns off.


What Is Facebook Quite Mode

This is a new feature that helps you reduce the time you spend on Facebook. It allows you to concentrate on other stuff without getting distracted by notifications from the Facebook app. Though unlike the mute feature previously existing on the platform. The Quite mode feature helps to pause notifications from Facebook and disables badges on your home screen. This is amazing as it shows us that Facebook is taking a step towards digital wellbeing in their app.

What Facebook Quiet Mode Does

When you enable quote mode, the app interface is hidden behind a full-screen notification reminding that the feature is turned on and it will show you how much time is left until the mode ends. This actually makes the feature easy to use. You can disable the feature anytime by tapping on manage quite mode. You are not locked out of the app but it does make you pass through some process to regain access.

Now this applies to notifications and badges sent to your Android or iOS devices as well as those from the Facebook app. Activity still shows in the notification section but you will no know about it on till you decide to check what your friends are up to, you will not get any alerts.

How To Use Quiet Mode

This mode can both be turned on manually or you can schedule it as you like. This gives you access to specify a daily time frame for quiet mode and Facebook will automatically turn it on without you having to visit the app to turn it on yourself. You can also specify the days you want quiet mode should be turned on, in your quiet mode schedule. Now this means the feature will be automatically disabled on certain days. You can use this to disable the feature on your off days.

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How To Enable Facebook Quiet Mode

Once the feature is made available in your region and you want to use it here are the steps to enable it.

  • Open your Facebook app and log in if you are not yet logged in.
  • Tap on the Menu icon on the screen.
  • Now tap on your time on Facebook. This will give you a detailed analysis of your time spent on Facebook.
  • Toggle the slide on to turn on β€œQuiet mode.”

You can set how long you want the feature to remain on when you run it. You will also find the settings for automatic quiet mode for Facebook to remind you of screen time limits.

How To Disable Quiet Mode

Want to turn off quiet mode and it is not yet the time to disable it here us how to so.

  • Open your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the Menu icon on the app.
  • Now tap on your Time on Facebook which will give detailed statistics about your usage on the app.
  • Find and tap on Manage your time option and here you can turn it off.
  • Click on the Toggle to turn off the quiet mode.


Quiet mode will now be turned off and you can turn it back on if you wish to Hy simply clicking on the toggle switch. A lot of us really need the feature as many people are glued to Facebook and will need to take a break once in a while even if it’s for an hour or two.

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