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Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing is a Facebook platform that can easily be used to increase or boost your sales on the Facebook platform. With this platform, it is so easy to create awareness for your business no matter what it is as long as it is legal. You see Facebook is very populated and things shared on it tends to go very wild and viral.


There are currently different Facebook marketing strategies and if you want to use them, you must first have a Facebook account. Now one big question commonly asked is if Facebook marketing is truly effective. Well I cannot say for sure because it depends on your and how much you are ready to pay. However, I can assure you that without you having to pay, your business is sure to get to quite a number of people.

Create a Facebook Account

Go to the official Facebook page at www.facebook.com or launch any Facebook app.

Click on the button indicating you should create a new account which you will normally find while scrolling down the page.

On the create account form page, add your personal details you are asked to into the required boxes and add your desired password to the specified box.

Click on the next icon and enter your contact details. You have to try to be as accurate as possible.

Confirm your contact details using the information that are given to you afterwards and you will be successfully logged in on your Facebook account.

Login your Facebook Account

Go to the official Facebook login webpage at www.facebook.com.

Add your login details into the boxes required and click on the login button.

Wait till you are redirected and you will be instantly logged I on your account.

Recover Facebook Account

Go to the official Facebook login page.

Add your login username, phone number or email address and click on login.

Now from the web page you are redirected to, click on “forgotten password”.

Follow the instructions given to you afterwards and you should successfully recover your Facebook account.

Start Marketing on Facebook

There are several ways to do this but I am only going to discuss the ones you will not have to pay. You can start marketing on Facebook using Facebook marketing groups, Facebook marketing pages, your Facebook timeline and your Facebook friend’s timeline.

Facebook marketing groups

Now the basics of this one is finding one first or creating one.

Create Facebook Marketing Groups

Log in your Facebook account on any device.

Click on the menu or dropdown arrow and click on the create group link from it.

Enter the name of your group and then some valuable information about the group.

If there is a next icon which will be common on mobile devices, click on it and complete the process but if there isn’t, click on the create icon straight away and follow the further instruction to setup your group.

Finding Facebook Marketing Groups

Login your Facebook account.

Click on the search bar and search for any term related to marketing.

Click on the group’s icon and you will now have a full view of all the groups related to your search.

Posting Items for Sale on Facebook Marketing Groups

Log in your Facebook account.

Click on the menu icon or dropdown arrow and then groups.

Thirdly, click on the group you wish to share your business to and wait till you are n the home page of the group.

Click on the start discussion icon or sell something here or probably a dialog box indicating you should add something to the group. It all depends on the group and your device but you are supposed to find these icons right under the group cover photo.

Add your business description and then some pictures to best describe your business.

Click on the post icon and that’s all.

Facebook Marketing Pages

Well this is also very simple. All you need to do is follow the steps above and replace the groups with pages. It is that simple and there are no strings attached. all of the steps lsted above can be used as it is used on facebook grouos. all yoyu need to do is find the step you wish to apply and replace the groups with pages. however i should tell you, marketing on facebook pages might not be as effective as facebook groups.

Marketing on Facebook timeline

This is the simplest. All you need to do is login your account and click on the dialog box indicating you should add something on your Facebook newsfeed or timeline. Add your business details and some pictures as well, then click on the post icon.

Marketing on a Facebook friends timeline.

The same steps above also apply, only that at the beginning you will have to visit your friend’s timeline. To do this, click on your friends name from your friends list and you will be redirected there. Now click on the box indicating you should post something and add your business details as well as some pictures to best describe your business. Click on the post icon and that is all.

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