Grammarly Premium Cancellation


Grammarly Premium Cancellation

You will undoubtedly agree with me that typing is a daily action that practically everyone participates in. If you’re not typing a document, you’re probably typing an email; if it’s not an email, it’s probably an SMS, and so on.

Grammarly Premium Subscription Cancellation Instructions

You’re almost certain to make at least one grammatical mistake. As a result, many people decide to use a grammar checker to help them deal with this problem.

Grammarly is a good example of a grammar and spelling checker. Many people, especially non-native English speakers, rely on the Grammarly grammar checker tool.

As a result, if you’re a blogger, content writer, copywriter, student, or someone who frequently types documents, sends mail, or does presentations, you’ve probably purchased the Grammarly premium at some point.

You can quickly cancel Grammarly premium if you no longer like it or aren’t interested in it.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to cancel Grammarly premium, I’ll explain you how to do so in this article with illustrations.

Let’s get started if you’re up to it.

How do I get rid of my Grammarly premium membership?

step 1: Click here to get to the login page.
2nd step: Wait for it to load. Fill in the email address associated with your Grammarly account. Then hit the next button.
Step 3: On the next page, type in your proper password. Then, on the green button, press and hold. The login page should like the one seen in the image below.
step 4: On the left-hand side of your screen, click Account.
5th step: Go to a different page. Subscription will appear when you click it.
6th step: Find the red Cancellation link at the bottom of the page and click it. To cancel your subscription, go to the Cancel Subscription page and select the Cancel Subscription option.
step 7: Click the Yes, Continue button.
step 8: Choose a cancellation reason. Then, at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, click the blue Cancel Subscription button.
The last step is to complete the task. You should now be able to cancel your subscription successfully.

Grammarly Cancellation via Email

Grammarly premium accounts can also be cancelled through email.

  • To do so, send an email notifying Grammarly of your desire to deactivate your account.
  • is the email address to use.

Now you must wait for the support personnel to confirm your cancellation.


How to Deactivate Your Grammarly Account for Free

In this part, I’ll show you how to remove your Grammarly account if you have a free account.

Follow the instructions below to terminate your Grammarly account.

  • Go to for more information.
  • Log in to your Grammarly account for free by entering your login information.
  • Navigate to the Accounts tab.
  • To delete an account, go to the Accounts tab and click Delete Account.
  • Put your password in the box.
  • Confirm that the reservation has been cancelled.

You should be able to cancel your Grammarly premium subscription if you followed the steps above. I’m hoping that wasn’t too challenging?

How do I get my Grammarly password reset?

What you’re thinking about is something I’m well aware of.

What if I forget my password? you might be thinking. I’m not sure how I’m going to log in, let alone cancel my subscription.

Don’t be concerned about anything. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for resetting your Grammarly password in less than 90 seconds (if your internet is bad.)

Instructions for resetting your password should be written clearly.

  • Go to for the Grammarly sign-in page.
  • step 2: At the bottom of the page, select Can’t login.
  • step 3: On the new page, type your email address. Then select “Send me instructions to reset” from the drop-down menu.
  • step 4: Make sure your email address is correct. The Grammarly accounts team should have sent you a message. In the email, click the “Reset Password” link.
  • step 5: On the next page, type your new password, which should be 8 characters or longer. After that, press and hold the green button.

A green success message should appear in the near future. After then, a new login page appears.

Log in now using your new password and email address.

Grammarly premium can be canceled at any moment.

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