How to Sell on Facebook: Facebook Marketplace


How to Sell on Facebook: Do you ever wonder if it is possible to sell on Facebook? If you have been wondering, then you are not the only one wondering because for some time I have been wondering How to Sell on Facebook. Selling on Facebook as I have experienced first-hand can help boost sales a lot and is one of the best ways for you to start earning extra income or boost your business sales. It is also a great way to advertise your business to a particular set of people who you think might be interested in your business.

Why Learn How to Sell on Fb

Learning now, How to Sell on Fb is a very essential skill of which can help you in the future. Well let me break it down for you. Sooner or later, if you are not working now you are going to start working and it is known almost everywhere that al business involves buying and selling of goods and services. Think of it, even if you are working in an office, there is still that common man below you that is selling your end product as no busies is complete without it getting to the consumer. So learning tis skill now is very beneficial as it will help you a great deal in the future. Furthermore, it might interest you to know that Facebook is populated with individuals from all around the world so this is a great big step in moving your business to the next level.

Ways to sell to Facebook – How to Sell on Fb

There are several ways to start selling on Facebook and you need not to worry because I will show you how. You can sell on Facebook by;

Facebook Marketplace

Selling on the official Facebook buy and sell platform called the Facebook marketplace is very easy. However, there are some restrictions to this Facebook marketplace because Facebook is trying to keep it as genuine as possible. Go to the Facebook help center to learn more using the Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Groups, Pages and Timeline

This is very simple as I presume you already know how to post on your Facebook timeline or newsfeed. All you need to do is visit the group, timeline or Facebook homepage you want to sell on and click on the post box. Add you product description afterwards and then some pictures to help your buyers see what they are buying better. Add a location and a price if you desire and click on the post icon.

Running Facebook Ads

Now this is a very simple method but you will have to pay. Furthermore, you will need a business website or a Facebook business page first. Once you have this you can start running ads about your business. To do this;

  • Login your Facebook account and click on the menu or dropdown arrow on any Facebook page.
  • Click on the option that says advertising on Facebook and then on “create an ad” from the new webpage.
  • Choose your type of campaign and follow the screen instructions afterwards.

That is it for selling by running an ad on Facebook. This method is recognized as one of the most effective means of selling on Facebook but like I said, you will have to pay.

Login your Facebook Account

I assume that you already have a Facebook account before you decided to read this article. Also I believe that if you do not have, you must have already read how to create from somewhere else or you already know how. So right now I will only show you how you can login your account should you want to sell using your Facebook account on a new device. To login your account;

  • Go to the official Facebook website which I believe you already know how to.
  • On the official Facebook website, enter your login credentials (your Facebook username and password) where indicated.
  • Lastly, click on the login button and you will be successfully logged in on your account.

If you are not logged in on your account, then you should know that your login credentials are not correct and you can retrieve your account using the “forgot password” or “recover account” link.

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