Running Facebook Ads – Can I Sell on Facebook 2021


Running Facebook Ads – Can I Sell on Facebook 2021? Do you know that you can actually sell on the social media platform Facebook? Can I sell on Facebook? is the question so many people who do not know about selling on Facebook are asking today. At times they even doubt the possibility as they believe Facebook is for children. Well, I wish to ascertain that and confirm to you that you can really sell on Facebook and there are various ways to do so. Furthermore, Facebook is not for little children and it can be a great way to advertise your business.

Create a Facebook Account 

Without a Facebook account, you cannot begin to think of the possibility of you selling on Facebook. The reason I say so is because you need to gain access of entry into the Facebook platform first and to do so you need an account. To create a Facebook account;
Go to the officially known Facebook website which it’s URL is
On the webpage make sure that there is no account logged in. if there is any account logged in, simply log it out.
Now that you are on the Facebook homepage proper, click on the icon indicating you can create a new account.
Wait carefully and you will be redirected to a form page. From the form page, add your personal information and then your contact details.
Confirm your contact details and you will be instantly logged in your new Facebook account.

Endeavor to add some friends after creation of your account to be able to access the whole Facebook platform.

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Ways to Sell to Facebook – Can I Sell on Facebook 

There are different known ways on how to sell on Facebook? These ways are the one I am about to show you right away without wasting of your time. You can sell on Facebook using;

The Facebook Marketplace – Can I sell on Facebook? 

Selling on this platform called the Facebook marketplace is very easy and convenient. However, there are some complications and restrictions to the platform as the developers of the Facebook marketplace are trying to keep it as genuine as possible. To get more information about the Facebook marketplace and how you can sell, simply pay the Facebook help center a visit. The Facebook help center is entirely free to access and use.

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Facebook Groups, Pages and Timeline – Can I sell on Facebook? 

I want to believe you already know how to post an update on Facebook on your Facebook newsfeed or timeline. This is because posting an item for sale is no different from the normal way you post on Facebook. To post an item for sale;

  • Simply visit the group, timeline or Facebook page you wish to sell on.
  • Now click on the post box. The post box is usually with the inscription “write something here”.
  • Next add your product or business description and some pictures to help your viewers see what they are interested in.
  • Add a location and a price if you wish and click on the post icon to list the item for sale.

It is as simple as that and requires no payment what so ever.

Running Facebook Ads – Can I Sell on Facebook? 

Now this is a very simple method, however you will have to pay for the services. Furthermore, you will need a business website or a Facebook business page for this to work. Once you have met the above terms, you can start running ads on Facebook. To do this;

  • Login your Facebook account and click on the menu or dropdown arrow you find at the top of any Facebook page.
  • Click on the tab with the text “advertising on Facebook” and click again on “create an ad” from the new webpage or dropdown.
  • Now choose carefully the type of campaign you want and follow the screen instructions afterwards.

That is the basic procedure for selling or advertising by running an ad on Facebook. This method is said to be one of the most effective means of selling on Facebook but like I said, you will have to pay.

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