Facebook’s Nearby Friends Location


Facebook’s Nearby Friends Location

Having Facebook friends is now considerably easy than you would imagine.

You may simply find friends who are close to you using Facebook’s nearby friends function.

Making friends on Facebook is proving to be extremely challenging for many people. This isn’t necessary.

This is a good time to learn about Facebook’s nearby feature if you haven’t done so already.

In this essay, I’ll show you everything you need to know about Facebook’s Nearby Friends Location.


Nearby friends can be located on the “More” option at the bottom of the Facebook app. Nearby Friends can be found by clicking the “more” option. You’ll be prompted to turn it on if it’s turned off.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a list of Nearby Friends, which are Facebook friends who have also turned on the feature. (This implies that not all of your pals will be listed here.)

In the upper right corner, click the settings symbol. You can choose who can view your location from this menu.

If you have Facebook lists, for example, you can select to share your location with only that list, such as Close Friends. As indicated on the left, the default is “Friends”; choose and then choose from your available listings.

If you choose, you can also share your exact location with a friend. For instance, you may notice that a friend is close and wish to meet up with them.

Choose how long they may view your every move by clicking the arrow symbol next to their name.


Turn off Nearby Friends if you’ve tried it and determined it’s not for you.

Repeat the procedures above (More tab > Nearby Friends > Settings), then push the slider to the left until it is no longer green.

Even if you have turned off Nearby Friends, the app is still building a “history of your precise position even when you are not using the app,” according to the little writing on the screen.

  • Take a look at the Location Settings if you think this is a little too obtrusive.
  • To turn off Location History, slide the slider to the left on the Location Settings screen.

This doesn’t get rid of your previously saved history; it’s still there in your Activity Log. If you wish, you can delete your history while you are the only one who can view it (it is not shared with friends).

To access the history log, go back to the “More” page and scroll down to Activity Log.

Select Location History (at the bottom of the list) from the Filter menu at the top.

You’ll have a filtered view of your activities that only shows location history once you’ve selected it. Choose “Clear Location History” from the drop-down menu (shown here).


This is an excellent opportunity for parents of kids who use Facebook to evaluate their Friends lists. Teenagers have a higher likelihood of having a significant number of Facebook friends.

Their friend list is more likely to be a collection of “random acquaintances.” They could be broadcasting their whereabouts to hundreds of individuals.

Unless they add friends selectively, they may be disclosing their general location to more individuals than you’d prefer (or they even realize).

Again, this is an opt-in option, so discuss with your kid whether or not they should use it if they have Facebook installed on their phone.

If they do, it could be a good idea to limit the sharing to “Close Friends.”

So, what are your thoughts? Is this a feature that you think would be useful? You might want to enable this option if you believe you’ll find it useful.

I only see the benefit if the majority of your friends use Facebook on the go and enable this function as well.

If you’re worried about sharing your location data with others – even if they’re friends – or if you don’t think you’ll ever use it, turn it off.

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