Video Production in Asia – Leading Movie Production Companies in Asia

Video Production in Asia - Leading Movie Production Companies in Asia

In Asia, it is an understatement to say that demand for video is “increasing.” It is no longer in high demand. Today, Asia-Pacific viewers account for more than half of all digital video viewers worldwide. If you are a retailer, brand, or company looking to capture the Asian market with videos, now is the ideal time to do so. You will require the assistance of video production agencies in Asia to develop narratives and visuals that resonate most strongly with Asian consumers.

Leading Movie  Production Companies  In Asia

Some leading Movie Production Companies in Asia

Therefore, without further ado, below is a list of the top seven video production agencies in Asia that you can contact for assistance in creating videos with the highest ROI.

Stone Soup Production
Stone Soup Production was founded in Taipei with a storytelling-inspired ethos. And they do have some fantastic tales to tell! Among their most popular documentaries and commercial films are a RedBull Music video, a Blancpain GT Series Asia 2018 commercial, and a dozen other projects for RedBull, CNN, BBC, CNBC, and many others.

Stone Soup specialises in producing documentaries and commercials in Taiwan, which is an ideal location for filming. Due to a comprehensive government checklist, however, it is advisable for businesses to work with a local production company that can assist your team in navigating the area, scouting locations, and selecting the one that best meets your production requirements.

Kasra Design
The reason why the majority of corporate videos are dull, cliche, and devoid of personality is that most businesses undervalue the significance of crafting a compelling brand message. Kasra Design, the leading video production company in Malaysia, has always believed in carefully crafting their clients’ brand messages through entertaining yet meaningful 2D and 3D explainer videos. Each video produced by the award-winning team at Kasra Design is the result of customised creativity that helps businesses connect with their audience.

PixelMusica is a Singapore-based creative media production company that serves corporate, personal, and social cause clients. Their capabilities range from videography, sound, and design to web development, UX/UI, and branding, making them an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a comprehensive branding solution. PixelMusica is distinguished by its design philosophy, which prioritises goodness and beauty in communities and serves those in need. They are ideal for organisations seeking to produce video campaigns for CSR services or social causes.

Additionally, they provide services for private events such as weddings and even documentaries.

Consumers in Japan adore visual advertising. Brands like Nissan and SKII are abandoning traditional videos in favour of social media videos, necessitating a creative approach to reach a perceptive audience. TOKYO will get you there! TOKYO, a creative production agency, takes pride in its team of world-class creatives, which includes directors, cinematographers, colourists, editors, and others who collaborate on TV commercials, music videos, and web films. Through live video productions, TOKYO focuses on real-world interactive experiences and heartwarming narratives.

The company has collaborated with well-known brands such as Fujifilm, Coca-Cola, Tinder, and Netflix to deliver effective brand messages to the Japanese audience via localised content. If you want to penetrate the Japanese market and need a storyteller with stories to tell, TOKYO is the place to go!

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Epic Frontier
Story Frontier, based in Kuala Lumpur, provides brands with engaging video content. Story Frontier’s international team of creatives offers a full range of services, from strategy to concept, development to filming and post-production. Among the studio’s notable clients are Facebook, Maxis, Roche, the BBC, and MSC Malaysia Status Company.

The studio specialises in live productions for brand stories, documentaries, commercials, promotional content, and other forms of corporate media intended to elevate a brand’s image and messaging. Excellent for Malaysian enterprise-level organisations!

Unlike the US market, it is difficult to penetrate the Asian market without a thorough understanding of Asian values and cultures. In Asia, delicate storytelling is one of the most crucial components of video production. Asians enjoy reading stories, especially those that reflect their daily lives. In fact, real-world advertisements and brand narratives are more successful than fictitious ones. Asian audiences rarely make purchase decisions or follow brands unless they can relate to the product/service and have faith in the brand.

Videos and commercial films are the most effective tools for establishing this trust and gaining the loyalty of Asian consumers. Consequently, if you wish to penetrate the Asian market, these video production companies are the best in the game!

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