Some Cute Names to Call Your Female Bestie


Some Cute  – Lover, these are the people you want to shove all your affection down their throats just because they’re doing us exactly that. They’re too fond of passion. The partnership you both share is probably misinterpreted by most individuals, but who cares? There’s so much passion from both sides in the equation. Nothing else matters.

Some Cute Names to Call Your Female Bestie

Gold-Clean luxury. Also, the refined variety.

Gumdrop-You can’t resist giving her a name that’s truly apt, so colorfully enticing.

Happiness-She defines for you this word. She’s bringing this to life. Continuously.

Nice as sugar, cuter than a bunny-Hunny Bunny.

Jewel-If she is that significant and precious, here are the five simple letters that will let her know.

Kitty-This one for the shy, introverted girlfriends who are unable to hurt a fly to save their asses. They are too cold and they are too easy to love. They likewise have the most precious souls and hearts. Names to Call Your Female Bestie

For Lil Missy, who is really classy with a tiny drop of attitude.

Mami, your age-momma mate’s figure. About right, right? Right, right?

Monkey Ass- On Cloud 9, her wackiness is. And yet she has your affection, always. Avoid trying to decide why.

My beautiful beloved, do we need more explanations? She is the one who will always be loved by yours-you forever. Yeah, and she is your gorgeous girl.

Perfect-just She’s perfection. Every centimeter, every trait. She’s not flawless, but she’s fine.

Pet—She wants to be stupidly spoiled, and you just do that. They’re all happy.

Precious-A person who is so precious you never want them to leave.

Travel Or Die-This is for forever in other words.

Shawty-Not everyone is really into the whole lovey Dovey mushy thing, even though nicknames are supposed to be all good, so Shawty is certainly going to fit just right if you’re up for something playful but still tough and a tiny (right?) little hood. This is the homegirl that has your back constantly. Names to Call Your Female Bestie

Slick Chick—the She’s smoothest—at all. Hands down, there’s no one getting close.

Soda Pop-And on those humid, exhausting, horrible days-sweet, totally refreshing, and everything you might need, she’s the run to.

Soldier-If for any situation that comes her way she is tough as hell and stronger, this is for her.

Soulmate, do you know those who understand you all too well? That’s just knowing you every day, inside out and round, and vice versa. They are our soulmates, and yes, there is no need for any soulmate to engage in a romantic relationship with you. They just understand you, and there’s nothing that feels better. Names to Call Your Female Bestie

Sparkles-This is for a lady whose whole aura is sparkling. She’s glorious altogether.

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Sprinkles-She brings vitality to each and every aspect of your life that you put into it. She’s the topping that each time makes everything perfect.

Sunshine-In even the darkest, most dull, most serious, most saddening circumstances, the right girlfriend will almost literally usher in sunshine. They say the right words, they do the right things, and if they are close by, they shine a little light. For them, there couldn’t be a better description. Names to Call Your Female Bestie

Superwoman-All you know is that she ought to be the side chick of Clark Kent.

Sweet stuff, sweet as sugar and you’re not complaining.

Tiger Toes-This is a mistake for the fierce, rough, hard girlfriends that we are almost entirely sure came to this globe as women. They gear us up and never think twice that all the signs of cowardice will be chased away. It’s for them. Names to Call Your Female Bestie

Tinkerbell-Do we all remember the tiny Peter Pan fairy? Yeah, this is for her if your girlfriend is half as saucy/super jealous/ pain in the ass/the greatest cheerleader.

Wifey, only because we want to marry them first because certain girlfriends are so wife material to us. This nickname is great for girlfriends in each and every way that we find fantastic. There is a special connection present, just as in romantic relationships there should be. Names to Call Your Female Bestie

It’s difficult to permanently allocate only one of these cute nicknames to that unique female best friend for the most incredible relationships and the most wonderful people. It’s perfectly understandable.

So there’s always the right explanation for the moments that suit.

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