Facebook Lite Dark Mode – How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook Lite App


Dark mode came out to a lot of applications on both Android and iPhone ever since both devices introduced the system-wide toggle to turn on this feature. Though there has been a set back as it is not all applications that have accommodated the dark mode feature, take Facebook, for example, the popular social media platform is yet to accommodate the dark mode feature but the good news is that Facebook just introduced Facebook Lite dark mode.

Facebook Lite Dark Mode – How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook Lite App

For now, the Facebook main app does not have the dark mode feature but not too long ago, Facebook Lite Dark Mode was introduced, Facebook Lite is not the application from Facebook that has the dark mode feature but other social media apps like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp also has this new and amazing feature.

Facebook Lite App Dark Mode Feature

The Facebook Lite App Dark Mode feature goes and runs through the entire application and its interface. When using Facebook Lite Dark Mode it goes through from the news feed interface to the chats and to the settings and every other part of the app. Just like many other applications that have accommodated the dark mode feature, like Google, the dark mode is more of a gray color rather than the true black.

In case you do not know it yet, Facebook Lite is just another version of the normal Facebook you are used. It has all the core and all the basic features, functions and functionality but with lesser animations. Generally, the main purpose of Facebook Lite is to help those with a poor internet connection to use Facebook without being so frustrated by slow connection and it also helps saves data. Facebook Lite is way behind the main Facebook app in everything that is why it came to everyone as a big surprise when Facebook Lite Dark Mode was introduced before the main Facebook app dark mode.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook Lite App

Activating Facebook Lite Dark Mode is actually very straight forward and quite easy, you can activate Facebook Lite Dark Mode from the settings but we will still put you through on how to activate it. Though this feature is not available to everyone yet as it is still a server-side rollout which means that it is still on settings and subject to changes. To activate Facebook Lite Dark Mode follow the steps below.

Ensure you have the latest version of Facebook lite installed on your device, if you do not have the latest version then you must update Facebook lite to the latest version to use Facebook Lite Dark Mode.
Launch the Facebook lite app.
Tap on the settings icon at the top right corner of the Facebook lite home page.
From the settings menu, you’ll see the dark mode option, tap on it to activate Facebook Lite Dark Mode.

With Facebook Lite Dark Mode you can now save your data and at the same time save your battery while you keep your eyes from getting damaged from the bright light effect from the normal white background.

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