Beware of the Phony "Following you" on Facebook


Beware of the Phony “Following you” on Facebook: Did you leave Facebook for a while and recently logged in, and then you see notifications about people following you or not following you. Well most of these notifications are fake, to confirm this you can try this simple step


From a web browser, open and then once you log in, go to your account setup then to “blocking”, this you can locate to the left-hand side of your account set up page, locate the blocked users search bar and type in ‘following me’ once you click on enter you would be surprised at the long list of people presumably following you and I can guarantee you that this list is fake.

Once you locate this list and with what I have been saying since the beginning of this article, the next question that comes to your mind is “exactly who are these people?”, “why are they following you?” or, “How did their names get to my profile in the first place?” One thing is for sure though, they are definitely not following you neither are you following them, read further as we will tell you how they did get there in the first instance.

We all know by putting the word following me in the blocked users search bar, what we expect is actually a list of people we have blocked. Facebook don’t usually show you that using the search bar, instead, Facebook put random users with name, nicknames or database information relating to the words “following” and “me”.

All users with any information related to those two words are listed in the search result and the inquisitive beings that sees this list always goes further to message everyone on the list with the above questions, who they are and why they are following you.

A user once intentionally changed his nickname on Facebook to following me and I believe we already guessed what his intentions were, well for those who don’t like to guess, he got hundreds of messages from unknown individuals, some going to the extreme of using the negative words just to piss him off, some even asked if he could send his pics and other unreasonable chats.

Well after reading this I hope you don’t confuse the search result from the ‘following me’ input as those following you?

I hope this article was helpful

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