Airtel Family and friends | How to add family and friends on Airtel


Airtel Family and friends | How to add family and friends on Airtel – Have you heard of the FAF Airtel tariff? Huh? No? This post, then, is right for you! On Airtel, find out how to add family and friends! Airtel has developed a tariff to help customers pay less on calls to regularly dialed numbers, whereby you can add all your favorite numbers into a list and then receive a discount every time you call these numbers. It is called “Family and Friends of Airtel.”

Airtel FAF is a product service that makes available discounted call rates for registered Airtel numbers and is open. Currently, for all Airtel prepaid customers, this service is fine. It was built to allow subscribers to get closer to and sustain a strong link with their loved ones. That’s why you don’t have to pay the normal call fees on subsequent calls to their numbers if you also call those unique Airtel numbers, such as your mother, father, child, boss, or colleagues.

You just need to get them listed on the Airtel FAF list, and every time you call them, you can start enjoying the discount. In other words, you’ll have more time for them to speak. How to borrow airtime How does the service operate on Airtel? The best thing about this is that on the Airtel Family and Friends tariff, you have the chance to add and delete as many as five numbers. Although registration of the five FAF numbers is free, you need to understand that any subsequent registrations will incur a flat rate of N50.

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How to register with Airtel’s family and friends? If you want to register your family and friends with Airtel, all you need to do is dial the registration code for the Airtel family and friends: “*141*2*NUMBER#,” e.g. “*141*2*08080000000#,” and the number will be registered. Remove or delete numbers If you want to remove or delete numbers, all you need to do is dial the following combination: “*141*3*NUMBER#” such as “*141*3*08021234567#” and the number will be removed successfully.

View your registered number list: If you want to view your registered number list, simply dial the code “*141*5#” for Airtel FAF. In 2018, these will be your chosen Airtel data and call deals! Family and Friends list call fees Please note that while the FAF call rates are cheaper, there is no discount on SMS sent to these numbers to be enjoyed. Also, regardless of which tariff plan you are on, the charges for these numbers on your Airtel Family and Friends list are the same. Throughout the peak periods, which are usually between 6 am and 9:59 pm, calls made to your FAF numbers will only attract a rate of 25 Kobo per second over the Airtel family and friends list of call charges.

Calls to your family and friends’ number will have a rate of 21 Kobo per second throughout the Off-Peak Periods, which are generally between 10 pm and 5:59 pm. Therefore, whatever tariff plan you are on, you will have more chat time with your loved ones. However, keep in mind that this service is only available on the Airtel network for prepaid customers. Airtel Smart Connect ⁇ Add your friends and family If you have any further questions about this service or any other Airtel product, please dial “111” to the Airtel customer service.

This call is complimentary from any Airtel number. You may also visit any Airtel shop that is located near you. So, Airtel Family and Friends (FAF) is a discounted tariff service available to all prepaid customers of Airtel. We have provided you with the key details about this cool tariff plan in this post. Furthermore, if you want to use this service, you also now know all the relevant codes you need. So, keep this data with your family and friends and share it!

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