Bumble Search: How to Find a Profile on This Dating App


Bumble Search: How to Find a Profile on This Dating App – Learn how to run a Bumble search with our little-known tips to find someone’s profile on the popular online dating app.

There are times when you will need to look for someone online as dating apps and sites become popular. This might be finding an old match, someone you know who uses the web, or even catching a cheating partner!

What is Bumble?

Bumble is a dating app where the first step in messaging is made by women. While any consumer can communicate first in LGBTQ relationships, women have to communicate early for direct matches (within a given amount of time). May they not, for the men who matched them through a right swipe and yet never received any direct contact, hearts might be broken.

How to bumble search

Decide which profile photo to use

You would need to build an account to search for someone on the app, because you can’t search for someone directly on the app. If you WANT the person, you’re looking to see you and understand that in return they’re looking for you and will swipe right for ‘interested,’ then post a picture that showcases your best and most recognizable self. If it’s someone you haven’t seen in many years, make sure that by sharing a picture that will have enough in common with how they last recognized you, they will still know you.

Exception – Don’t Be Recognizable If Checking on an Unfaithful Partner

The beauty of dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble is that swiping is a quick-paced method of finding matches based on first impressions of an image search or profile based on gut instinct. You never know, though, when the app will be used by another person and see you first, decide whether they swipe yes or no (right or left) or even block you before you have a chance to see them.

Make your opening profile picture as ‘stealth’ as the web would allow if you are looking for an unfaithful partner. Otherwise, before you see the one you are looking for, you could get swiped ‘left’ or blocked!

Be location wise while doing Bumble search 

Set your quest for a place to match a little more than the distance you are from the individual you are searching for. It is also not accurate to assume a slight (to moderate) difference in the exact distance depicted on the app than the geographical reality of range from your swipe or match, assuming 5 miles away in real life would be 5 miles on the app.

Do not park outside someone’s house to match them (a.k.a., DON’T STALK), but it will also show you a mile or less away if you happen to be nearby. You can also set the search distance to “up to 1 mile away” on Bumble to pinpoint outcomes, but only if you are confident that you are very close to what you are looking for.

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Turn your profile on or off

You can cover your profile in the ‘settings’ section when not using the web and turn on your public profile when you’re ready to check. This will not help all cases, but if you intend to look for a cheating partner only when they might be within near geographical range, it can be helpful.

Observe names and age

Some people use online monikers (fake names), but their real-life name or a common nickname is more than likely used by others. If the picture is not a giveaway, a look at the name shown. Look at the name of the job or school seen. Age may also be beneficial, and it’s not unusual for individuals to cut a few years off their age.

Look at profiles with covert photos while performing a bumble search

This is not as fun or convenient as a fast search, but take the time to match (a.k.a., swipe right) profiles with less obvious profile images if you want to find what you’re looking for. Bumble is excellent at filtering out inaccurate or fuzzy images of profiles, but when you’re unsure, look at second and third photos.

Match (and message if you can, Bumble and women have to message first) and then follow up with questions to check that you may be looking for someone you suspect.


To watch later and reference, take screenshots of profiles or images you aren’t sure about. It could be hard to recall what you were watching if you are unmatched or blocked by another user (or never receive a message). This can also keep you from second-guessing what you have found or seen.


Once you’ve interacted with another person, the messages would be secure to locate or check again in your message list. You can see both your “Match Queue” (current or expired users) and “Conversations.” You can organize “Conversations” by “Unread,” “Recent,” and “Nearby.” Click the beehive icon on the top right of Bumble.


Pursue your intuition. If you see Bumble on someone’s smartphone downloaded, that’s a pretty good sign that they’ve used or are planning to use the software. Check the messages first if you are searching for an old user, but they might have deleted their account or even started a new one (so new searches still wise, using the tips above). It is preferable to do a reverse search if you are searching for someone you have not spoken to or seen in a while

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