How to advertise a yard sale on Facebook


How to advertise a yard sale on Facebook – This wikiHow shows you on Facebook for Android how to advertise a yard sale. To advertise a yard sale, you can use the Marketplace. Also, you can check to enter local sales groups. Such groups encourage you to advertise sales of garages and other goods that you choose to sell to their members.

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Using Local Sales Groups

  1. Open the app for Facebook. There is a blue icon with a white ‘f’ on the Facebook app. To open the Facebook app, tap the icon on your home screen or app drawer.
  1. Tap the bar with the quest. On top of the app, the search bar is in the blue bar. It’s next to an icon that resembles a glass magnifier.
  1. In the search bar, select Yard Sale and tap
  • In the lower-right corner of the on-screen keyboard is the magnifying glass symbol. This shows a list of yard sales-related articles, websites, and groups.
  • Yard sales groups in all areas may not be available.
  1. Tap the Tab Classes. Below the search tab at the top of the page are the tabs. This filters the results of the search into classes only.
  • If the “Groups” tab does not appear, you can scroll to the right by swiping the tabs to the left. It shows more tabs.
  1. Scroll down and tap your area for a yard sales party. In the search results, classes are listed underneath the search bar. Tapping a group will show a page of group information. Local yard sales organizations typically include the name of the town or county in the community name.

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  1. Tap Party Join. It’s the button at the top of the page under the community title.
  • Enter, as many groups are available to post to multiple groups in your field.
  1. Complete the questionnaire (if applicable). In order to join, several closed groups need you to answer a few questions. The concerns are up to the supervisors. Usually, they question whether you live in the region and whether you agree to obey the rules. In the line given, type your answers.
  1. Tap Submit to Administrators. This is the blue button underneath the questionnaire shape. This sends your request to the Join community administrators. Allow them a day or two to approve your membership in the group.
  1. Tap the x. In the upper-right corner of the Facebook app is an icon with three horizontal bars. Your user menu is displayed here.
  1. Tap For Classes. It’s next to a blue symbol that resembles a group of individuals. This gives a list of all the groups on Facebook that you are a member of.
  1. Tap on a group of local yard sales. The community page is illustrated here.
  1. Tap the box for the new message. Above all, the remainder of the community articles is at the top of the list. “What are you selling?”What are you selling?”Share something with the group”Share the group with something. This opens the pop-up for a new message.
  1. Provide your yard sale info. To fill out and sell a new item, several local yard sale groups have a “New Item” form for you. Other groups might have a regular post only. In the post or summary, make sure to provide a period, date, place, and other significant details.
  • If a particular item is requested, simply type “Garage sale” or list a few items you are selling.
  • If a price is requested, you can list a price range or type a random number.
  1. Tap the Photograph. It’s underneath the place where you’re writing your message. It is next to an icon that looks like a photograph. Your gallery opens this way.
  1. Pick or take a picture and press the next button. When you have a picture in your gallery for your yard sale, tap it to pick it. Tap Next in the upper-right corner of the page. This can be a flyer or pamphlet, or a picture all set up, or your yard sale.
  • Tap the camera icon in the upper-right corner to take a picture and use the camera app to take a photo.
  1. Tap Next or Apply. It either says ‘Next’ or ‘Post’ in the upper-right corner, depending on how the community is set up. In the upper right corner, tap the button to either post your ad to the party or switch to the next stage.
  1. Pick groups that you’d like to post to. Often it gives you the option to post to multiple groups at once if you belong to multiple yard sale groups. Tap the checkbox next to the groups that you would like to post to.
  1. Post tap. This posts to the community your commercial (s). In the community feed and on member’s walls, your advertising will appear.

Method 2 out of 2:

Marketplace Using

  1. Open the app for Facebook. A blue icon with a white “f” is on the Facebook app. To open the Facebook app, tap the icon on your home screen or app drawer.
  1. Tap the y. In the upper-right corner is the icon with the three horizontal bars. This opens up the menu for your account.
  1. Click Marketplace. It’s next to an emblem with a green roof that resembles a storefront.
  1. Tap Sell. It’s in the app’s upper-left corner below the top of the blue bar. It has an icon that resembles a sheet of paper and a pad. A pop-up menu with sales categories is shown.
  2. Tap On Objects. It’s the first choice at the bottom of the screen in the pop-up menu.
  1. Tap Add Photos. “It’s at the top of the “New Listing” form in the box. Your gallery opens this way.
  1. Please pick or take pictures and tap Next. If your garage sales pictures are in your album, tap them to pick them. Tap Next in the upper-right corner of the page. There could be posters, pamphlets, or photos set up for your yard sale.
  • Tap the button that resembles a camera in the upper right corner to take a screenshot and use the camera app to take an image.
  1. In the “Title” bar, style Garage sales. The first bar below the Picture Box is the title bar.
  2. In the “Price” box, type a random number. In this box, you can only type numbers. Type in a small, random number.
  1. Just tap Category. It’s in the shape of the third box. A pop-up menu of categories to choose from is shown.
  1. Tap Selling shed. It’s under the heading “Classifieds” at the bottom of the pop-up menu.
  1. Tap the Description area. That’s near the bottom of the shape. To provide your garage sale information, use this package.
  1. Type your garage sale summary. Include your garage sale date, time, and location, and any other important details.
  1. Tap Tags for goods. Product tags encourage your customers to locate your ad in the search results. Type up to five tags associated with the selling of your garage. This can be “Garage Sale” or “Moving Sale” or you can list a few things that you sell.
  1. Click the NEXT button. It is in the form’s upper-right corner. Before this button is available, you must have pictures, a title, and a price. This will represent the ‘Delivery Process’ portion of the form.
  1. Tap Location. It’s the only box on the Method of the Delivery list. A map is shown here.
  1. Drag to the position of the blue dot and tap Apply. If you have Locations activated, your phone will be able to automatically locate your current location. If not, tap and drag the blue dot on the map to your garage sale spot. Then press the blue button that says Apply at the bottom.
  1. Click the NEXT button. It’s in a corner on the upper right.
  1. To post your ads, pick the locations. To post the ad on your wall, tap Your Profile at the top of the menu. To post your advertising, you can then pick the groups you belong to. Make sure promotional posts are permitted by the groups you pick.
  1. Just tap Publish. It’s at the bottom of the page with the blue button. It publishes your ads on your profile and in the groups you have chosen.

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