How to Use Face­book Avatar on WhatsApp

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How to Use Face­book Avatar on WhatsApp – Gone are the days when users used to communicate emotions using emojis, gifs, and stickers. During chats and conversations, people lean towards Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat Bitmoji. Using loads of customization choices, clothing types, hairstyles, and more, you can build your version of such avatars. With the launch of Avatar, Facebook is also boarding the ride. And the good news is, during WhatsApp chats, you can easily use Facebook Avatars and even pit such an avatar on WhatsApp as your display picture. How to Use Face­book Avatar

Facebook avatars on whatsapp

Compared to its competitors, Facebook’s Avatars were a bigger deal. First, it meets over a billion users directly, and second, when it comes to customization options, the firm has left no stone unturned. In my experience, the choices for customization are much better than what users are offered by Apple and Snapchat. How to Use Face­book Avatar

The company provides a list of ready-to-use avatars with various expressions and styles after designing Facebook Avatar from scratch. There’s no direct way to save them in your phone gallery, understandably. But using other social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more, Facebook does offer a neat way to share them.The comprehensive guide to the development of Facebook Avatars has already been covered. We’re going to talk about how to use Facebook Avatars on WhatsApp and Messenger in this post. Let’s start off. How to Use Face­book Avatar

Create Facebook Avatars – How to Use Face­book Avatar

We also have a thorough guide to make Facebook Avatars from scratch. We will not go through all the specifics of customization, and in the steps below we will cover the process quickly. How to Use Face­book Avatar

Phase 1: On your iPhone or Android, open your Facebook app.

Phase 2: On the iPhone, switch to the Facebook menu in the lower right corner. On Android, if you are using Facebook, the option will be in the upper right corner.

Phase 3: Pick a choice for the Avatars.

Create avatar

Phase 4: The Avatar Development menu will open with loads of customization options.

Phase 5: Now, it’s time for your Avatar to have more elements added. You can pick loads of skin, hairstyle, face shape, eyewear, hair on your face, and even customize outfits to suit your look and style.

How to Use My Face­book Avatar on WhatsApp
How to Use My Face­book Avatar on WhatsApp


How to Use Facebook Avatars on Whatsapp

How to Use Face­book Avatar – In the Facebook comments section, Facebook Messenger, you can use Facebook’s seamless implementation of Avatars and set it as a profile image. But when you attempt to use it on WhatsApp, the process isn’t as simple. To use Facebook Avatars on WhatsApp, go through the steps below.

Phase 1: You may get a sense of chatting with a Facebook Avatar during WhatsApp conversations. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone for that.

Phase 2: Go to your new Avatar on the Facebook menu and load it.

Phase 3: In the upper right corner, tap the Sticker menu and load all the default stickers that are based on your Avatar.

More options for share
Ios share menu

Phase 4: Tap the sticker you want to use in WhatsApp and you will be prompted to share using the Share Native menu.

Step 5: Select More Choices, then tap WhatsApp. Pick the conversation where the sticker is to be shared and WhatsApp will share it as a gif.

Share avatar on whatsapp 2


Save Facebook Avatars on Phone – How to Use Face­book Avatar

How to Use Face­book Avatar- It’s pretty easy to save them on the phone until you post your Facebook Avatar on WhatsApp. In-depth, let me explain.

First, using the trick above, you need to post your Facebook Avatar on WhatsApp. Now, to save Facebook Avatars in the phone gallery, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Open a WhatsApp chat where Facebook Avatars are shared with you.

Phase 2: Tap the picture of Avatar that you want to save.

Phase 3: In the bottom left corner, press the Sharing button.

How to Use Face­book Avatar on WhatsApp
Save avatar


Set as profile


How to Use Face­book Avatar – Have you recently had your hair styled or started wearing glasses? Based on your new look, you might want to change your Facebook Avatar.

Avatar edit

Go to the Avatar menu to edit your Avatar and press on the Edit button. From the familiar Avatar development menu, make the requisite adjustments and click the Finished button at the top.


How to Use Face­book Avatar – Facebook may have been late for this game, but Avatar’s overall execution is thoughtful. To build Avatar, there are rich customization options, and you can use it anywhere in the app and on other sites, such as WhatsApp, iMessage, and more, using the sharing menu. Go ahead now and inspire your mates with exclusive avatars on Facebook.

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