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How To Watch Anime Online | Online Anime movies – It is no secret that it’s not as easy to watch anime in the West as many fans would like it to be. The few anime shows that appeal to mainstream tastes get licensed and air on television, leaving diehard anime fans wanting to see more content.

Well, you might think today is your lucky day because what we have for you in this article are three ways to watch any anime you want online for free almost as soon as it is published. How To Watch Anime Online

Method 1: Use Nyaa Torrents and a Streaming Torrent Client

  • Advantages: Straight from Japanese, the latest anime releases. Blu-ray uncompressed releases without dubbing or subtitles, as well as hard-coded subtitle releases. A clean user interface, easy-to-use.
  • Disadvantages: for this approach to function, you have to download and install a streaming torrent client. It takes a long time for those torrents to download, and it might not be possible to access them in real-time.

Nyaa Torrents is a website for BitTorrent focusing on East Asian media, especially Japanese anime and video games. It’s one of the internet’s largest public anime-related torrent sites, and all anime fans can do themselves a favor and learn how to stream anime using Nyaa Torrents. How To Watch Anime Online

You need a streaming torrent client like WebTorrent Desktop in order to do that. This free, open-source program enables you to access video and audio torrents instantly, even if they are not yet completely downloaded. To enjoy anime on your HDTV, you can use WebTorrent Desktop to convert videos to AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA. Best of all, WebTorrent Desktop is 100% bloat-free, and both magnet links and .torrent files can be accessed.

To stream anime for free from Nyaa Torrents using WebTorrent Desktop:

  1. Go to:
    How To Watch Anime Online - Online Anime movies
  2. Install the operating system update for you. Windows, Mac, and Linux are compatible with WebTorrent Desktop.
    Watch Anime Online Free
  3. Install the application and launch it.
    Watch Anime Online
  4. Go to:
    Watch Anime
  5. In the top-left corner of the screen, check for any anime you like using the search bar.

    Anime Online for Free

  6. Use the small Download link next to your anime to download its torrent file.
    Anime Online Free
  7. Drag the downloaded torrent file into WebTorrent Desktop.
    Watch Anime
  8. Wait for your stream to start.
    Anime Free

Bear in mind that streaming torrents with only a couple of seeds might not be possible. In that case, before you begin watching it, your best bet is to use a standard torrent client and download the anime to your computer.

Method 2: Watch Anime Online on Free Streaming Sites

  • Advantages: All anime shows are available instantly. No need for some program to be installed on your computer. Everything you need is a web browser. It also operates on mobile devices.
  • Disadvantages: Fresh anime releases often take a long time to be added to free streaming sites. You can experience malicious advertisements and pop-ups, so a strong ad-block must be used.

Free streaming sites allow you to watch online anime without first having to download it. There are countless free online anime streaming sites, but many of them are of poor quality. Here is a list of the top 3 best anime sites where all common high-quality anime series, both in the Japanese language and with English subtitles, can be found:

how to Watch Anime Online

GoGoAnime describes itself as the largest website for anime in the world, and we are inclined to believe it’s real. The platform has everything from Naruto to Monster Hunter to Sakura Internet to Satsuriku no Tenshi, and to ensure their flawless availability, both shows are hosted on at least two third-party servers.

When it comes to leaving feedback and talking about their favorite shows, GoGoAnime users are very involved, which brings a pleasant homely feeling to the web. How To Watch Anime Online

how to Watch Anime Online

KissAnime is a modest anime website with an astonishingly large catalog of dubbed and subbed anime with a modest interface. You’d be hard-pressed to think of an anime genre that doesn’t belong to KissAnime. How To Watch Anime Online

The site is all portrayed by action, adventure, demons, drama, ecchi, fantasy, magic, mecha, mystery, romance, seinen, shounen, space, thriller, or yuri anime, and you can sort them by alphabet, popularity, or date. Of course, using a search bar, you can also search for unique anime directly, and registered users can make requests for anime that they want to see added to the web. How To Watch Anime Online

Read more:

howto Watch Anime Online

You can watch dubbed and subbed anime on right from your web browser for free. On a regular basis, new episodes and anime shows are added, and on AnimeFreak there is already so much material that it will take you years to watch it all.

The site has over 10,000 anime episodes at the moment, which, if you think about it, is an incredibly high number. AnimeFreak has its own Android app that you can use to watch anime on any Android device easily, called anime mobile. How To Watch Anime Online

How to Watch Anime Online on Free Streaming Sites without Ads

The biggest concern with anime websites is the fact that commercials, many of which have been found to be harmful, are plaguing them. An incorrect click could corrupt your machine or mobile device, which could end up costing you a lot of time and probably even cash.

Fortunately, using an ad-blocker such as uBlock Root, you can remove most ads on anime websites. For Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Firefox, and Opera, this open-source, cross-platform content-filtering browser extension is available and we suggest that you install it before visiting any anime website. How To Watch Anime Online

Unlike several other similar content filtering browser extensions, uBlock Origin does not require much computing power when blocking ads, which means that even older computers function flawlessly.

To install it in Chrome:

  1. Go to:
    download Anime for free
  2. Using the search bar in the top-left corner of the page, search for “ublock origin.”
    download Anime
  3. Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button and wait for uBlock Origin to install.
    download Anime free

Even in its default configuration, uBlock Origin is programmed to block nearly all ads, but you can configure its actions and content filters to suit your needs. When they detect that you are using an ad-blocker, some anime websites can decline to let you in, in which case you can temporarily disable uBlock by clicking on its icon. How To Watch Anime Online.

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