List of Visa Free countries for Nigerian Citizens


List of Visa-Free countries for Nigerian Citizens – Everyone wants to travel, see new places and connect with people from various cultures and backgrounds, but with the advent of technology, a lot of limitations have made it very difficult to travel. For example, he or she must have a passport before a citizen of a specific country can leave his or her country for another country. A passport is not an easy document to obtain, and the cost of a passport is relatively high in some nations, such as Nigeria. A visa is another document that you may need to travel, which is where the real restriction is. A visa is like a permit for a limited period to enter a country, and it is provided by the country you wish to visit.

The processes associated with obtaining a visa can be tiring, so you continue to query the internet, “Which countries are visa-free for Nigerian citizens?” You’d be shocked to know that there are countries where Nigerians are permitted to travel without a visa, as long as they have a valid Nigerian passport. Some countries also want to know if you have ample funds to spend during your visit, whether your accommodation is treated, or if you have a convenient return ticket, whether you want to stay as an illegal immigrant back in their country, and whether you are financially covered during your visit.

For Nigerians who have a valid Nigerian passport, we have compiled a detailed list of visa-free countries and territories in this article.

Visa-free countries and territories for Nigerians

  1. Barbados: This is a beautiful country that, as predicted, is surrounded by beaches on the eastern parts of the Caribbean islands, and can also boast of caves and other fascinating tourist attractions to be explored. Well, lovers of Rihanna should realize that this is the country where she was born. You don’t need a visa as a Nigerian citizen when traveling to Barbados, all you will need for your travel is a valid passport and travel tickets. Did I hear you say you have your bags parked? Yes! Yes!

2. Burkina Faso: Much like Nigeria, this country is situated in West Africa and is also a member of ECOWAS. For Nigerian passport holders, traveling to ECOWAS member states is visa-free. Moreover, this location is a popular venue for the International Arts and Craft Fair of Ouagadougou, which is considered to be Africa’s largest craft fair. In Burkina Faso, you’ve got a lot of things to enjoy.

3. Cape Verde: This is another African nation that sounds odd to most Africans’ ears. It is made up of tiny islands, so, of course, there are beaches there. You do not have to provide a visa to enter this country with a Nigerian passport, but you need a valid return ticket. Three months is the length of a visa-free stay.

4. Tuvalu: This country is reputed to be one of the world’s smallest nations, with the bulk of its landmass consisting of tiny islands dispersed across the South Pacific. As you should not go there expecting to see exquisite city-like architectures, this country is not an urban one per se, but not to worry, the traditional life and rich culture of the natives will take you to another magical land, where calmness and warmth lies. This is one of the most peaceful visa-free countries for Nigerian passport holders, as you only need a visa on arrival, so you can warm your feet with friends and loved ones on the beaches.

Due to different factors such as age, previous immigration records, social ties and economic ties, obtaining visas could be difficult. To scale through, you may need to engage with a consultant. Do not worry, to assist you in making a successful application, NGabroad provides free consultation services. You can use the form provided to apply for free consultation services and visa documents at the end of this article. Please use this form to select a service in order to request our free consultation services.

5. Togo: This is another member state of ECOWAS and one of the visa-free countries for Nigerians. If you are searching for a destination not too far from home that still feels like home, you should pack your bags because Togo is rumored to be one of West Africa’s nicest places to visit. It has a stunning landscape filled with hills and mountains and beaches, waiting for your warmth.

6. Cameroon: This is one of the visa-free countries for Nigerians because it not only shares a border with Nigeria, but also enables visa-free entry for Nigerians among the ECOWAS member states. There are tourist sites in Cameroon, such as the Mont Febe Benedictine Museum, the Limbe Botanical Garden, the Yaoundé National Museum and the Kribi Museum. This region, with rainforests, deserts, and plateaus, has a landscape similar to that of Nigeria. English and French in Cameroon are the official languages.

7. Guinea: For Nigerian passport holders, this is another visa-free country. While it does not promise anything, you can pay a visit to the National Museum, where you can learn about the different ethnic groups in the country. Rich in natural resources such as bauxite and gold, this country is home to numerous metal industries.

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