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 Xiaomi Avatar Profiles | Avatar Facebook Xiaomi  – It has been a while since we had a rousing debate in the mobile room about copycats. Now that the smartphone is a mature category of goods, and its market has been around for more than a decade and all those fun lawsuits have been resolved more or less, it is not all that significant who started what or is owed credit for this or that trend. (Unless there’s always a good ol ‘flame fight in you). Xiaomi Avatar Profiles

Xiaomi’s new Mimoji look awfully familiar – Xiaomi Avatar Profiles

 Xiaomi Avatar Profiles | Avatar Facebook Xiaomi  Image: Xiaomi/Weibo

But Xiaomi, once an awkward Apple copycat who wore black turtlenecks influenced by Steve Jobs’ co-founder, wants to remind you that it’s not afraid to keep copying. The company is copying Apple’s cartoon Memoji this time with… Mimoji Xiaomi. Xiaomi is launching its own augmented reality-crafted avatars, as noted by the Chinese-language edition of Engadget, borrowing heavily from the art style used for Memoji, down to the facial expressions and color palette. Xiaomi Avatar Profiles

 Xiaomi Avatar Profiles | Avatar Facebook Xiaomi
 Xiaomi emoji

Xiaomi’s new human avatar Mimoji’s alongside Apple’s existing Memoji’s

Xiaomi Avatar Profiles – The functionality is part of the current Mimoji avatar package from Xiaomi, which similarly used augmented reality software to mirror the facial expressions of a smartphone user on an anthropomorphic animal. But Mimoji didn’t include the same human avatar functionality that is most associated with Apple’s Memoji until the latest Xiaomi CC9 phones. The word Mimoji, formerly the English-only name for the feature found in its Android application files only, is now at the center of attention… For all the wrong reasons, and getting a lot of attention.

The CC9 phones are the first to be borne out of Xiaomi’s recent acquisition of the hardware assets of the selfie tech company Meitu, which possibly explains why the extension of the Mimoji function is happening now. With a 32-megapixel selfie camera, a 48-megapixel main camera, a 6.4-inch OLED screen with a small notch, a Snapdragon 710 processor, 6 GB of RAM, a 4,030mAh battery, USB-C, and a headphone jack, CC is yet another new Xiaomi brand. It starts at 1,799 (~$260) yuan. Xiaomi Avatar Profiles

The new Xiaomi CC9.

Apple doesn’t own the notion of virtual avatars now. It also doesn’t even hold the Memoji trademark. So it’s not fair to say that Xiaomi is stomping all over the intellectual property of the iPhone maker; as VentureBeat states, before Apple’s introduction to iMessage last summer at WWDC, the idea behind and the use of the term memoji existed. In comparison, with its slightly more horrific Galaxy S9 AR Emoji feature back in February of last year, Samsung beat both businesses to cartoon AR avatars. Xiaomi Avatar Profiles

That said, the similarity between the implementation of Xiaomi and Apple is eerie, and it is not clear who the company is trying to fool when its representatives in public relations threaten legal action against forum posters in China who have noted the similarities.

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Either way, it’s a good reminder that software features such as this are normally an inconsistent, thorny mess with copyright, trademark, and patent laws, and it’s unlikely that either of these major corporations will sue another one for something this trivial. (It’s also difficult for Apple to sue a company like Xiaomi because it has no physical presence in the US.) But by building every little hardware and software invention on its own, Xiaomi was not able to become an Android juggernaut, and Mimoji is a perfect example of not-so-subtle borrowing that is still happening in the mobile room. Xiaomi Avatar Profiles

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